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United States, ÔKultur in BelgiumÕ satirical anti-German medal by Paul Manship. Bronze, 66 mm, Nearly Perfect condition, $1,100.


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Paul J. Bosco

Manhattan Art & Antiques Center

Gallery 84

New York, NY 10022


212/PJ8-COIN (758-2646) (taking messages)

New Fax (must show my name!) 212/355-4403

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We hope to have our new gallery open in mid-May (2018). DonÕt just come: make an appointment.


We are again in the worldÕs foremost antiques center. (We were here 1992-2005). Our new gallery is double the size of our former store on East 32nd Street. The array of Silver, Jewelry, Art, Antiques from everywhere, Africana, Weapons (and so on) is dazzling. The building is open 362 days a year.



With the regrettable closing of the former WorldÕs Greatest Antiques Center, Louvre des Antiquaires in Paris, This New York institution, now almost 50 years old, is truly the best of this vanishing breed of antiques venues/experiences.

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This new website is a street-by-street guide to whatÕs on each block in Manhattan (streets, not avenues!) We have an entry with an article about us, and 22 pictures (some oddly taken and selected by them, not us!): Click here to get to the page, and then click on the picture of the shop front to get to pictures of the interior.

Stack's and Brigandi have similar pages, with their spotless, treasure-laden stores documented in series of carefully-staged photos. I wish Sideways had photoÕd more of MY treasures  -- genuine Renaissance plaquettes, or medals by St. Gaudens, Salvatore Dali, Paul Manship etc.  Ð and less of my clutter, but if you check out the three coin dealer pages, youÕll want to visit me first!  (Remember: You should call ahead!!)



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