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Vereniging voor Penningkunst

We have an impressive offering of issues by the Verenigung voor Penningkunst, the Dutch Art Medal Society that has been issuing innovative art medals since 1925. Most are of cast bronze; all were issued in very limited editions. Except as noted, all are in the condition as issued.


1926.  Jacobus Jan van Goor: Opening of the Royal Colonial Institute, struck bronze, 60 mm, Ex Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Collection, $95

Figure 1 Colonial Institute by van Goor



1930 Gijs Jacobs van den Hof: Plan for the draining of the Zuider Zee, struck bronze, 62 mm, slight taps on rim, $195. SOLD

Figure 2 Zuider Zee by van den Hof


1933. Gerrit-Jan van der Veen: Lucas van Leyden, 400th anniversary of death, struck bronze, 60 mm, ex Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Collection, $125 SOLD

Figure 3 Van Leyden by van der Veen

1953 Maarten Pauw: Henriette Roland Holst van der Schalk, cast bronze, 75 mm, $125.

1966 Eric Claus: Royal Numismatic Collection, 150 years, cast bronze, 73mm, spot $75 SOLD

1967 Arthur Spronker: Rider and Horse, cast bronze, 40 mm, $65 SOLD

1968 Theresia van der Pant: Israel, 40th anniversary, cast bronze, 70 mm, $125

1968 Henk Dannenburg: William of Orange, 80 years war, cast bronze, 61 mm, $149 SOLD

Description: DannenburgO.jpgDescription: DannenburgR.jpg

Figure 4 William of Orange medal by Dannenburg

1969 Ruth Brower: Summer, Mother and child, cast bronze, 64 mm, $100

1970 Floyd T. DeWitt: Become what you are, cast bronze, 50 mm, $75 SOLD

1971 Nynke Jelles-Scheperds: Maria Montessori, cast bronze, 78 mm, $125 SOLD

1972 Christl Seth-Hofner: Herder and sheep, cast bronze, 63 mm, $95 SOLD

1973 J. H. Horna: Amsterdam Vondelspark, cast bronze, 70 mm, $99

Description: HornaO.jpgDescription: HornaR.jpg

Figure 5 Amsterdam Vondelspark by Horna

1973 J. H. Horna: Amsterdam Vondelspark, cast bronze, 70 mm, $99

1974 Fons Bemelmans: The couple, cast bronze, 75 mm, $175

1976 Guus Hellegers: Nude Beach, cast bronze, 70 mm, $95

1976 Marianne Letterie: Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit with Glasses, cast bronze, 105 mm, $295

1977 Ger Zijlstra, untitled, cast bronze, 76 mm, $99

1978 Christien Nijland: Carl Linnaeus, cast bronze, 65 mm, $125

1978 Geer Steyn: Bertolt Brecht, cast bronze, 60 mm, $149 SOLD

1978 Franciska Weinburg: Teylers Stichtung, 200th anniversary, cast bronze, 59 mm, modest discoloration, $40

1980 Lisbeth Teding van Berkhout: Square with circle, constructed medal, bronze, 60x60 mm, $99

1982 Wien Cobbenhagen: Germ, cast bronze, 50 mm, 2 small spots, $69

1982 Cornelius de Vries: Holle Bolle Gijs, ChildrenÕs poetry, cast bronze, 63 mm, $85

1983 Jos Reniers: Hugo de Groot, Law, cast bronze, 65 mm, $125 SOLD

Description: BemelmansO.jpgDescription: BemelmansR.jpg

Figure 6 Woman in a Window by Bemelmans

1984 Carla Klein: Willy the Naughty Cat, cast bronze, 61 mm, $125 SOLD

1984 Frank Letterie: GŸnther Grass, The Flounder, cast bronze, 80 mm, $200

1985 Marianne Letterie: Niels Holgersson, Geese in Flight, cast bronze, 90 mm, $150

1986 Wilfried Put: Piet Esser, Medallist, cast bronze, 65 mm, issued at Û195, $125 SOLD

1986 Ruth Brouwer: NoahÕs Dove, Peace, cast bronze, 42 mm, issued at Û195, $125

1988 Eefke Cornelissen: Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Centennial, struck bronze, 70 mm, 2 spots, $95

1988 Piet Esser: Young Rembrandt, cast bronze, 55 mm, $149

1989 Lucie Nijland: Dutch National Railroad, 150 years, struck bronze, 65 mm, $100

1990 Niko de Wit: Kicked block, struck bronze, 90x69 mm, $85 SOLD

1990 Joop Hollanders: The Word at a Distance, cast bronze, 65 mm, $99

1991 Fons Bemelmans: Woman in a Window, cast bronze, 80 mm, $200 SOLD

1992 Willem Noyons: Travel medal, Columbus exploration, silver, 47 mm, $175

Description: NoyonO.jpgDescription: NoyonR.jpg

Figure 7 Travel Medal by Noyons

1993 Paulus Reinhard: Belle van Zuylen, Literature, cast bronze, 75 mm, $125

1997 Barbara Kletter: Expanding Universe, Constructed medal, RVS, 75 mm, $125

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