Paul Bosco Coins and Medals


Romanian medals

Here is a small sample of our dozens of Romanian medals, noteworthy for the beauty of their design, the high quality of their execution, and the national identity they embodify. For inquiries on specific medals you may be seeking, or to order one of these, send me an email.


Historical medals

1900. King Carol I, 25 years of the Romanian Geographical Society. 67 mm, bronze. $450.


1903. Moşilor (Bucharest) Fair. 67 mm., white metal uniface. $40.


1906. Carol I, 60 years of reign; 1800 years of Romania as part of the Roman world, by L. Stelmans. 84x70 mm., silver. Subject: Emperor Trajan. $399.


1906. Carol I, 60 years of reign; 1800 years of Romania as part of the Roman world, by Carol Storck. 91x64 mm., bronze. Subject: Emperor Trajan; Romanian Numismatic Society. $185


1928. Carol I, Ferdinand I, Michael I, Reintegration of Dobrogea into Romania, by Huguenin, issued by the Romanian Numismatic Society. 72 mm., bronze. $250.


Personal medals

The numbers refer to our inventory of personal medals.


779. Leonte, A, 1913, by Radivoi, 54x84, mm. bronze. Subject: medicine. $220.


1515. Stefanescu, Gregoriu, 1904, by H. A,Carniol, 50x68 mm., bronze. Subjects: science,        geology. $140


1718. Coanda, Henri. 50 mm., gilt bronze with loop. Subject: aviation, Aero Model Club Pucioasa. $30


2563. Costache, Veniamin, by Carniol. 50 mm., silvered. Subjects: Moldavia, Romanian Church. Light scratches, upper reverse field, $125


2564. Sahia, Alexandru, signed H. I. 59 mm., bronze. Subjects: literature, communism. $40


2565. Costin, Miron, 1888, by W. Hegel. 50 mm., bronze. Subjects: Statue in Iasi, history. $185


2566. Falkenhausen, Erich von, 1916. 55x65 mm., zinc. Subjects: Arz, Arthur, Capture of Marosvasrhely. $195


2571. Lahovary, Alexandre, 1917, by Szirmai. 59 mm., bronze. Subjects: World War I, Treaty of Versailles. $250


2572. Haret, Spiru, 1911, by M. & W. St. 60x75 mm., bronze. Subjects: astronomy, mathematics. VF, $160.



2573. Carada, Eugeniu, 1910 by J. Prini. 64 mm., bronze. Subjects: banking, National Bank of Romania. $99.


2574. Iorga, Nicolae, 1921, by L. Hujer. 60 mm., bronze. Subject: history. $135


2578. Djuvara, Trandafir, 1920, by Godefroid Devreese, 76 mm., zinc, nearly perfect condition, stamped on reverse: ˇpreuve d'auteur, Subject: diplomacy. $165


2579. Nacu, Constantin, 1907, by Carniol. 51 x 83 mm., bronze. Subject: law. $110.


2583. Capsa, Grigore, 1912, by Fr. Storck. 81x54 mm., bronze. Subjects: restaurant, Art Deco. VF,  $110.


2585. Pangrati, Ermil, 1922, bu D. Barlad. 99x64 mm., bronze. Other people: Cerkez, C., Mincu, I. Subject: architecture. $225


2587. Costinescu, Ion, 1928 by Huguenin. 89x60 mm., bronze. Subject: Bucharest. $120.


2588. Sylva, Carmen; Queen Elisaveta, 1913. 56x82 mm., gilt bronze. Subjects: literature, poetry. $225.

2589. Maniu, Iuliu, 1952 by Anastase. 97 mm., bronze in custom leather box. Subject: anticommunism. $95.


For more information on these or other medals, send me an email.