Paul Bosco Coins and Medals


Medallic Art of the United States and Canada



Robert Ingersoll Aitkin (1878-1949)

American Expeditionary Forces, Statue of Liberty, 1919. Bronze, 50 mm.


Leonard Baskin (1922-2000)

New York Public Library, 1961. Bronze, 64 mm., in custom box of the Medallic Art Company; another of richer patina.


Grolier Club, Guttenberg and Grolier medal, 1970. Bronze, 76 mm.


Victor D. Brenner (1871-1924)

American Geographical Society, Cullum Geographical Medal, 1897. Engraved to Arthur Robert Hinks, British astronomer and geographer, 1943. Smedley 23. Gold (10k), 70 mm., in original leather presentation case.


Motherhood, 1898, 1911, 1929. A striking in silver of the Medallic Art Company issue of 1929. Gilt silver, 50 mm., collection mark 43 painted on edge.


Paris, Universal Exposition, U.S.A. Committee, Lafayette Monument, 1900. Smedley 33, Baxter 97, Marqusee 88. Bronze, 30 x 45 mm.


Openhym and Sons Plaquette, 1902. Smedley 44. Bronze, 63 x 44 mm.


Typothetae of New York, Franklin Brithday Dinner, 1902. IECM 21, Smedley 45. Silver, 64 x 58 mm. Another: Bronze shells (?).


Engineering Societies Building, donated by Andrew Carnegie, 1907. IECM 19, Smedley 72. Silver, 54 x 74 mm.


Boston Surgical Society, Henry Jacob Bigelow, 1917. Smedley 111. Bronze, uniface, 76 mm.

Photograph portrait, 104 x 133 mm., mounted, and visiting card, 85 x 45 mm.


Gaetano Cecere (1894-1985)

New York City School Art League, Art in Trades award medal, 1917. American Art Annual, 14 (1918), 210. Gilt bronze, struck by Gorham & Co., 67 mm.


Princeton University, Nassau Hall, 150th anniversary, 1926. With portraits of Richard Stockton, Benjamin Rush, and John Witherspoon. Marqusee 105. Bronze, 90 x 62 mm.


Rene Paul Chambellan (1893-1955)

Schaefer Brewing Company, Centenary, 1942. Bronze, 76 mm., in original box of issue (lacks top) with brochure; collection mark 47.82 painted on edge.


Mabel Conkling (1877-1966)

Portrait of a man. Cast bronze by Gorham foundry, 114 x 176 mm., loop and four screws on back.


Anthony de Francisci (1887-1964)

Ohio State University Journalism Honor Medal, 1920. Bronze, 70 mm.


American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, James Douglas Medal, 1922. Baxter 345. Bronze, 70 mm.


James H. McGraw Award to encourage constructive thinking for the advancement of the electrical industry, 1925. Baxter 348. Bronze, 67 mm.


John Flanagan (1865-1962)

Le Poilu ą Verdun, 1927. Dedicated to the French infantrymen (called ‘poilus’ or hairy men) who held the line in World War I. Bronze, 51 x 80 mm.



James Earle Fraser (1876-1953)

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Thomas Alva Edison Medal, 1909, engraved to Lee De Forest, 1946, pioneer in radio and sound film. Baxter 231; Marqusee 164. Gilt bronze, 69 mm., in custom presentation case.


American Academy of Arts and Letters, Gold Medal, 1915. Baxter 234. Bronze, 70 mm.


American Institute of Graphic Arts, Special Medal of Award, 1920. Baxter 236. Bronze, 70 mm.


The Williams Medal, given to alumni of Williams College who served in World War I, 1920. Engraved on edge to Robert R. Richardson, 1st Lt. Baxter 320, Marqusee 165. Bronze, 73 mm.


The Discoverers, 1928, adapted to a medal for the 75th anniversary of the Chicago Coin Club, 1994, silver, 67 x 89 mm., numbered 16 of 36 issued, in box of issue with accompanying brochure.


Laura Gradin Fraser (1889-1966)

American Army and Navy Chaplains Medal, 1920. Baxter 326, Marqusee 166. Bronze 70 mm.


American Bar Association, 1929. Obverse portrait of John Marshall. Bronze, 100 mm.


Charles Louis Hinton (1869-1950)

Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 1931. Bronze, 82 mm.


Carl Paul Jennewein (1890-1978)

Architectural League of New York. Silvered bronze, 65 mm. Edge marked as from the George F. Pratt Collection.


Johnson Foundation for Figurative Sculpture

Foundation medal, 1974, signed as copyright JSJJR, uniface bronze, 101 mm. Dick Johnson database MAco 1975-40 (as unknown sculptor Isiir).


Jeno Jusko (1880-1954)

Mark Twain, 1913. Cast bronze, 100 mm., back hollow with screw mount attached, cast by the M.P.M. Foundry.


General Motors Export Co. Awarded to W. G. Guthrie, regional production manager in Britain, 1929. Bronze, 89 x 62 mm., in custom presentation case.


Abel Lafleur (French, 1875-1953)

France celebrates the bicentennial of the founding of New Orleans, 1917. Bronze, 68 mm.


R. Tait McKenzie (1867-1938)

New York Public School Athletic League, award medal, 1907. Silver, 24 x 32 mm,, with hanger at top, drop in die for Elementary Schools Base Ball Championship 1907, engraved to Queens Institute. Another: gilt bronze, 24 x 43 mm., suspended from a red-white-red ribbon by an ornate hanger, drop-in-die for H.A. Handball Championship, engraved 1936.


Sesquicentennial Sports Medal, Philadelphia, 1926. Bronze, uniface, 38 mm.


Dominion Memorial, 1932. Celebrates the dedication of McKenzie’s sculpture in the Hall of Honor of the Parliament Building in Ottawa, engraved from the artist to the engineer and writer W. W. Colpitts. Cast bronze, 122 mm.


John R. Sinnock, medallic artist, 1936, with portrait of McKenzie by Sinnock on the reverse. Bronze, 67 mm.


Paul Manship (1885-1966)

Henry De Forest Baldwin, 1939. The political reformer Baldwin served, like Manship, as president of the American Academy in Rome and the Century Association. Cast bronze, uniface, with hanger, 100 mm.


Eurico Gaspar DuTras, President of Brazil, visit to the United States, 1949. Bronze, 76 mm.


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