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GERMAN TOKENS – Deutsche Marken

As we have the largest inventory of foreign tokens in the world, of course I have many German pieces. They are available for purchase in the store, but we also sell many by mail. We usually do not have lists, but many collectors tell us what they are looking for, and we can often offer them pieces they like (and buy).

We have:

Municipal Notgeld

      We sometimes auction pieces on eBay seller i.d. is paulbosco) –no “J”). Ask to be put on our eMail list and we will notify you when we do this.


25 different, Fine to XF…….$50; Same, VF-Unc….$75

50 different, Fine to XF (or better)….$100; Same, VF-Unc      ……$150

100 Different, Fine to XF (or better)….. $295; Same, VF-Unc…..$395

If you have a relatively few pieces already in your collection, you can ask us to try to exclude them from the group.


Private Company Notgeld (several hundred different)

Prisoner of War Notgeld (probably 1000+ different, including private company issues for P.o.W. labor)

Porcelain Money & Medals (an extensive inventory)

Encased Postage

      --We have other countries as well. SPECIAL: 10 different German issuers, nice condition, $275. 20 different (nice condition) $575. 30 different, all nice condition, $900. If you have just a few types, you can request of us not to include them.

WW1 food tokens, issued by towns.

Transportation tokens (1600s to WW1/1920s)

Jettons & Spielmarke, 1500s –on.

Mining tokens

“Sonstige Marken”  --tokens of Consum-Verein, advertising tokens (“Storecards”), trade tokens with values (“wert-marken”), etc. We have THOUSANDS of different pieces, 1500s to 1930s.

Beer Tokens.

We have THOUSANDS, mostly 19th century. See below for a list of pieces from towns from Oggenhausen to Passau. This is less than 2% of my inventory. Ask us what we have from the towns you collect.


Those of you who fancy yourselves World token aficionados might like to make me a FAVORITE SELLER on eBay, as I have been selling some there.

Seller i.d. is “paulbosco” (no “J”).

You can also eMail me and ask me to notify you when I am eBaying material of interest.

The best way to buy tokens from me is to come to my store, where I will prove I have the largest and best inventory of non-USA tokens in the world.


Town                     Firm                                        Type                      Description



Paul Bosco Coins and Medals