Paul Bosco Coins and Medals


Medallic Art of the

Art Nouveau and Art Deco Periods



Austrian Automobile Club, Winter Qualification Runs, 1938. Gilt bronze, 60 x 80 mm.


Automobile Club of Northern Austria, engraved for the winner second prize in the St. Pöltner Road Race, 1925, by G. S., bronze, 59 x 80 mm.



EugŹne de Bremaecker (1879-1963)

Inauguration of the South Congo to Katanga railway, 1928, issue 58 of Les Amis de la Médaille d'Art, struck bronze, 66 x 56 mm.


Adolphe Darville (1910-1990)

Jason, Gold Mines of Kilo-Moto, Souvenir of the extraction of 100,000 kilograms of gold, 1937, struck bronze, 49 x 84 mm., in original box of issue.


Carlos Van Dionant (1899-1969)

Jacques Wiener, engraver of the first Belgian postage stamps, 1849, centennial of issue and semi-centennial of death, bronze, 69 mm.


Constantin Meunier (1831-1905)

Société Royale Belge des Aquarellistes, 1906, struck silver, uniface, 88 x 77 mm.


Chambre de Commerce Franćaise de Bruxelles, 1910, struck silver proof on partially trimmed blank, 49 x 64 mm.


Frantz Vermeylen (1857-1922)

Léopold, Duke of Brabant (future Leopold III, King of Belgium, 1934-51) at age 9, issue 23 of the Société Hollando-Belge des Amis de la Médaille d’art, 1910, gilt bronze, 44 x 64 mm.



Santiago Urtua Valenzuela

René Thenot (1893-1963), engraver at the Chile mint and mentor of Urtua, bronze, 70 mm.



Marco Tobón-Mejia, 1876-1933

Feminine athleticism, prize medal, engraved 1941, 52 x 67 mm.



Heinrich Kautsch, 1859-1943

Alfons Mucha, art-nouveau poster artist, 1860-1939, copper galvano 82 mm. (cf. ANS 1910 exhib., p. 158, 70 mm. struck and 100 mm. cast), paired with a reverse ‘Pittura’ probably by an Italian medallist.


Jan Lichtág, 1898-1985

Alfons Mucha, art-nouveau poster artist, 1860-1939, medal issued at the occasion of the poster exhibition at the Brno club, 1936, bronze 70 mm., one in bottom of cardboard case, one in leather presentation case.


Stanislav Sucharda, 1866-1916

František Palacký, historian, 1798-1876, unveiling of the monument by Sucharda in Prague, 1912, bronze 57 x 60 mm.



René Baudichon, 1878-1963

Sarah Bernhardt, 1923, struck bronze, 65 mm.


Tennis Player, 1939, struck bronze, 48 x 58 mm.


Lucien Bazor, 1889-1974

Launch of the ship Atlantique, 1931. Bronze in original issue box, 68 mm.



Charles Auguste Bertault, fl. 1883-1918.

Bertault, who studied in Paris and Lequien fils and at the Barbedienne Foundry, moved to Russia where he worked under the name Karl Berto and took over the Felix Chopin Foundry in 1892.

Ferdinand Barbedienne, 1884, cast bronze, uniface, 80 mm.

Barbedienne was the proprietor of a Paris foundry, famous for the casting of bronzes by David d’Angers, Antoine Louis Barye and Auguste Rodin. An example of this medal was acquired in 2006 by the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.


Édouard-Pierre Blin, 1877-1946

Golf, cast bronze uniface medallion, 119 mm.



Louis-Alexandre Bottée, 1852-1941

Centenary of the Museum of Natural History, Paris, 1893, struck bronze, 68 mm.

The figure of Science Unveiled on this piece is similar to that which Bottée used in 1906 for his medal for the rebirth of San Francisco after the Earthquake.


Louis-Henri Bouchard, 1875-1960

Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs, 1925, struck copper (edge mark CUIVRE cornucopia), 90 mm.

Bouchard won an award at this exposition, which defined the Art Deco style. This medal, struck by the Paris Mint, is much more rare than the official medal by Pierre Turin; the only other example we’ve been able to find is at the Musée Bouchard in Roubaix.


Antoine Bovy, 1795-1877

Aphrodite, struck bronze, 44 mm.


Jules-Clément Chaplain, 1839-1909

Langley Medal of the Smithsonian Institution, instituted 1908 for contributions to aeronautics, bronze 75 mm.

The reverse is adapted from the seal of the Smithsonian designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.


Charles Charles, fl. 1875-1925

Visit of French agents of Fiat to the Turin factory, 1931, struck bronze, 75 x 50 mm.


Jules Clément Alexandre Charpentier, 1856-1909

Duc D’Aumale, 1897, Société des Amis du Livre, struck silver, 58 x 62 mm. Inscribed via drop-in die to Robert Hoé


Société des Amis de la Médaille Franćaise, 1901, struck silver, 73 x 68 mm, Maier, p. 75, 11.


Pierre Carl Édouard Potain, 1901, struck bronze, 58 x 76 mm.


Pierre Larousse, fiftieth anniversary of the Larousse publishing company, 1902, struck bronze, 68 x 68 mm.


La Peinture, struck silver, 41 x 52 mm., inscribed to Georges Felix, Juillet 1875-1900.


Albert Carre, struck bronze, 79 x68 mm.


BČttisseurs, struck silver, 61 x 74 mm. Edge marked number 75.


Robert Cochet, 1903-1988

Entr’Aide, 1933, struck bronze, 53 x 78 mm.

A medal commemorating mutual assistance, depicting Aeneas carrying his father Anchises.


Lucien Coudray, 1855-1932

L’escrime – Fencing, struck silver, 68 x 52 mm, in custom leather box of issue.


Georges Crouzat, 1904-1976

Mélodie, 1941, struck bronze, 90 x 50 mm.


Bacchante, 1941, struck bronze, 90 x 50 mm.


Paul-Marcel Dammann, 1885-1939

Marcellin Boule, 1936, struck bronze, 80 mm.

On the seventy-fifth birthday of the paleontologist who exposed the ‘Piltdown Man’ hoax.


Maurice Delannoy, 1895-1962

Parthenon, high relief uniface plaquette, struck bronze, 95 x 66 mm.


Henri Dubois, 1859-1943

Président Kruger, 1901, struck bronze, 70 mm.

An original bronze striking of the silver medal presented to the president of South Africa by the French Republic, restruck in 1976 and featured in a 2014 article by David Alexander.


Georges Dupré, 1869-1909

Medallic Art, struck bronze, 65 mm. Edge numbered 126.

The obverse shows an artist touching up a die; on the reverse two women examine a medal in a box.


Édouard Fraisse, 1880-1945

Rallye automobile Monte Carlo, 1947, struck silver, octagonal, 51 x 62 mm., in custom leather case.


André-Léon Galtié, 1908-

FIDEM, 1957, struck bronze, 63 mm.

The official medal of the seventh congress of the Fédération Internationale de la Médaille.


Charles Guilbert

Personal store-card with self portrait on the obverse, Saint George on the reverse, struck bronze, untrimmed, 35 mm.


Octave Denis Victor Guillonnet, 1872-1967

Société Lyonnaise des Eaux et de l’Éclairage, struck silver, 42 x 69 mm, paired with a 1903 reverse for the Sociedad de Aguas Potables of Valencia, issued by the Parisian medal engraver and manufacturer René Stern.


Georges Guiraud, 1901-1989

Croiseur Marseillaise, 1936, struck bronze, 57 mm.


El Djeziar, 1951, struck bronze, 53 mm. Engraved to L. Vincent.


Pierre Jeitas ? (artist’s name reconstructed from signature, but otherwise unattested)

Sarah Bernhardt in Rostand’s L’Aiglon at the ThéČtre Sarah Bernhardt, Paris, 200th performance, struck silver, 35 x 48 mm; another example, silvered bronze.

Reverse identifies the issuer as Toussaint and Joubert, Paris; neither this establishment nor the artist is otherwise attested.


René Lalique, 1860-1945

“Sauvons-les” (Let us save them), 1914-18, gilt bronze uniface with integral loop, 28 mm.


Jules-Prosper Joseph Marie Edmond Legastelois, 1855-1931

Souvenir personel, uniface plaquette, struck bronze, 35 x 41 mm. Engraved to his son Louis-Marcel Legastelois, 1908.

Louis-Marcel Legastelois was also a sculptor; he would die in 1914 at age 31.


Charles-Léon Mascaux, 1882-1965

La Musique, struck silver, 49 mm. Engraved by the artist to W. Ch. Langdon.

William Chauncy Langdon was an American medal collector and promoter of the work of Ivo Kerdić


P. de Merville

Indian chief, 1916, cast bronze medallion, 137 mm.


Gustave Michel, 1851-1924

Société Populaire des Beaux-Arts, 1902, struck bronze 50 mm., in custom leather case, engraved to Roger Marx.

Roger Marx was one of the most prominent art critics of the turn of the century, and the one who wrote the most about contemporary French medals of the period.


Louis EugŹne Mouchon, 1843-1914

Hector Berlioz, Albert I of Monaco, 1903, struck bronze, 50 mm.

Commemorates the centenary of the composer’s birth and the first staged performance of “La damnation de Faust” in Monte Carlo in 1893.


Louis Patriarche, 1872-1955

Laetitia Bonaparte, niece of Napoleon, tomb in Ajaccio, Corsica, 1938, struck bronze, 67 mm.


Victor Peter, 1840-1914

Société des Peintres Orientalistes, 1905, struck bronze, 63 mm.

Note the cigarette in the hand of the exotic odalisque on the obverse; the reverse centers on the hand of Fatma, wife of Mohammed, in front of a six-pointed star, presented as an emblem of Islam.


Pierre Marie Poisson, 1876-1953

River Seine, City of le Havre, struck bronze, 47 mm.



Théodore RiviŹre, 1857-1912

The God Mercury above the port of Marseille, c. 1890, struck bronze uniface, 58 x 90 mm., edge mark BRONZE triangle (Arthus-Bertrand),


Louis Oscar Roty, 1846-1911

French Exposition in Moscow, 1891, struck bronze, 63 mm., with drop-in die award to A. Le Duc.

Note the vivid contrast on the obverse between the stately, conservative image of Moscow and the lithe, nude Genius of France.


French School at Athens, fiftieth anniversary, 1898, struck silver, 60.5 mm.

Of great interest to collectors of Greek numismatics.


Pheobe Hearst, medal for the International Competition for the Plan for the University of California, 1901, struck silver, 61 x 80 mm.

Edge-market ARGENT cornucopia, so not from the 1990 restriking for contributors to the University of Californias


René de Saint-Marceaux, 1845-1915

Le Gaulois [daily newspaper], 1902 competition, honorable mention, struck bronze, 84 x 39 mm.


Serge Santucci, 1944-

New Year’s medal, 1969, struck bronze, 68 mm., edge marked triangle (Arthus-Bertrand).


Tony Szirmai, Budapest, 1871- Paris, 1938

Société des Bains de Mer de Monaco, operator of the Casino of Monte Carlo, 50th anniversary of foundation by Franćois Blanc, the ‘Wizard of Homburg’, engraved on reverse to Charles Peyrani, gilt bronze struck by Arthus-Bertrand, 62 mm.


Michel de Tarnowsky, 1870-1946

Société des Amis du Livre Moderne, Foundation 1908, struck bronze, 95 x 76 mm., edge marked BRONZE triangle (Arthus-Bertrand)


Pierre Turin, 1891-1968

Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris, 1925, struck bronze, 71 x 71 mm


Eloquentia, issued by the American Club of Paris, named to Roger Langeron, Préfet de Police, January 16, 1936, bronze, 108 mm.


Frédéric Vernon, 1858-1911

Marcel Renault, 1903, French racing car driver, co-founder of Renault automobile company, memorial to his death in a car accident, silvered bronze, 43 x 58 mm.

Union des Yachts Franćais, First Prize, Monaco Regata 1895 to the yacht Alisa, owned by Andrew Barclay Walker of Glasgow, silver, 58 mm.



Paris, Exposition Coloniale, 1931, Indochina Pavillion, bronze, 56 x 80 mm.


Ovide Yencesse, 1869-1947

Argyrokopos [silversmith], showing man striking coin on the obverse, Dekadrachm of Syracuse by Euainetos on the reverse, bronze, edge numbered 129, 99 x 86 mm.

Art Décoratif, showing boy engraving on vase, gilt bronze, 50 mm.




Werner Begas, 1872-1927

Reinhold Begas, 1831-1911, sculptor and father of medalist, student of Christian Rauch, cast silver medal, 1897, Forrer III, 315, 65 mm.


Benno Elkan, 1877-1960, Jewish sculptor and medallist, who fled Germany for Britain in 1933.

Friedrich Ebert, 1871-1925, First president of Germany, 1919-1925, during the Weimar Republic, 1925, cast bronze, 63 mm.


Konrad Geldmacher, 1873-1959, Jewish sculptor and medallist whose work was banned during the Nazi era

‘Scham’ (shame), nude female figure in protesting pose, c. 1950, cast bronze uniface, 66x123 mm.


Ludwig Gies, 1887-1966

“Deutscher Hilfsdienst,” (German Auxiliary Forces), 1917, uniface iron medal, 84 mm., example in British Museum (1918,0607.4) exhibited in 2014, in the exhibit “The Other Side of the Medal: How Germany saw the First World War.”


Karl Goetz, 1875-1950

Joseph Georg Grotz (Augsburg, 1881-1906), unveiling of the monument of the 60th anniversary of the Augsburg Turnverein (sports club), 1906, cf. Kienast 409b, silver 24 mm., looped.


Martin Greif (Munich poet, originally Friedrich Hermann Frey, 1839-1911), for the folk play in Kraiburg am Inn, Bavaria, 1909, Kienast 34, cast bronze, uniface, 72 x 103 mm.


Martin Greif (Munich poet, originally Friedrich Hermann Frey, 1839-1911), for the folk play in Kraiburg am Inn, Bavaria, 1909, Kienast 35, silver, 35 mm. in original leather box stamped on inside of lid “Karl Goetz Graveur, Medailleur, Muenchen.


August von Mackensen (1849-1945), 90th birthday, 1939, Kienast 566, silver 36 mm.


Friedrich Grosshans, 1857-1935

Schicksal (fate), before 1925, cast bronze by the Poellath foundry, Schroebenhausen, uniface, 99 mm. This medallion represents fate as a nude male holding a globe by a rope that is being severed by a putto.



Medalist OB

Ulrich Zwingli, medal in support of the Jubilee Fund, 1917, plaster, 61 mm. Apparently unpublished.


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