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Music Medals


Here is a small selection of our large holdings of medals relating to music at our New York store


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Harpist, by Rudolf Mayer, c. 1890s, bronze, 60 mm., VF+, tiny edge nick, 9 o’clock, reverse, $139.


La Musique, by Jean Lagrange, 1879, bronze, 45 mm., $80.


La Musique, by Raoul EugŹne Lamourdedieu, c. 1900-1910, bronzed silver, looped, 46 mm., $110


Pro Musica, harpist and zodiac, by Marcel Rau, art deco, two-toned, bronze, 68 mm., $249.


La Musique, by Pierre Theunis, Belgian, bronze, 67 x 56 mm., some spotting on neck, $110.


Le Concert, by M. Renard, bronze, uniface, 69 mm., spots on the lower right, $249.


Music Festivals

German Choral Festival, Frankfurt am Main, 1932, on the centennial of Goethe’s death, by Alexander Kraumann, number 3656 on our inventory of personal musical medals click here, bronze, looped and ribboned, 64 x 82 mm., $249.


International Music Congress, Rome, 1911, by P. Missetti, bronze, uniface, 48 x 38 mm., $120.


Music schools

Conservatoire de Lille, by Alphée Dubois

Silver prize medal, awarded 1911 for counterpoint and fugue to Louis Detroy, silver, 44 mm, VF, $135; Bronze centennial medal, 1916, bronze, 44 mm., EF+, $80.


Royal Academy of Music, The Lord Howard de Walden Drama Medal, by A. F. Wyon, gilt bronze, 48 mm., $200.


Music prizes

New York City Conservatory of Music, the Ewen Prize for Excellence in Singing, 1885, white metal, 49 mm., about VF, mostly light gray, $80.


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