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Medals of Napoleon

Just as Napoleon Bonaparte has been the subject of more books than any historical person other than Jesus or George Washington, he has been featured on many medals, issued as part of his own campaign of self-promotion as well as by his admirers and enemies. Like many French medals, those of Napoleon have been reissued by the French Mint in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries; unless otherwise specified all of the medals offered for sale here are without any of the edge markings that were used from 1832-onward and are thus ORIGINALS. B. numbers refer to Ludvig Bramsen, Le mŽdaillier de NapolŽon le Grand, Copenhagen 1904-07. A very useful guide to Napoleonic Medals can be found at .

We have recently acquired a dazzling collection of early strikes in silver, which we illustrate and describe below. Letter codes following prices are for our staff use. For information and photos for the other pieces listed below, contact us at . For even more medals of Napoleon in our stock, check the listing under Bonaparte at .


Early career and consulate

1796. Italian campaign, bronze, 31 mm.

1796. Italian Campaign, gilt bronze, solder remnants, 31 mm.

1797. Foundation of the Cisalpine Republic, by Vassallo and Salwirck, Hennin 793, bronze, 47 mm.

1797. Sciences and Arts give Recognition, by Duvivier, Hennin 811, silver 56 mm., reverse die break at 8:30, VF+, $1,200, BEEE. SOLD

1798. Conquest of Egypt, by Jouannin and Denon, Hennin 879, bronze, 40 mm.

1800. Taking of Consulate, by Petit, B. 13, bronze 50 mm, later issue (c. 1830); restrike with cornucopia.

1800. Passage of Saint Bernard Pass, by Montagny, B. 33, uniface striking in lead with border, holed, 67 mm.

1800. The Battle of Marengo, by Dubois and Denon, B. 37, bronze, 41 mm.

1800. National Column on the Place de la Concorde, by Duvivier, B. 61, gilt bronze, 42 mm.; bronze, 42 mm.

1800. The Battle of Marengo, by Brenet and Auguste, B. 38, silver, 49 mm., VF+, $900, OOK. SOLD

1800. The Battle of Marengo, by Brenet and Auguste, B. 38, bronze, 49 mm.

1800. National Column on the Place de la Concorde, by Duvivier, B. 63, silver, 55 mm., VF+/VF, $1,050, SEE. SOLD

1800. Foundation of the Quai Desaix, B. 69, bronze, 42 mm.

1800. Expedition of Captain Baudin, by Montagny, B. 72, bronze, 37 mm.

1800. Attempt on NapoleonÕs life, by Auguste, B. 76, bronze, 50 mm.

1800. Attempt on NapoleonÕs life, by Manfredini, B. 77, uniface lead striking, 59 mm; bronze 59 mm.

1801. Peace of LunŽville, by Droz, B. 106, uniface striking in horn with plaster backing, 54 mm.

1801. Peace of LunŽville, by Andrieu, B. 107, bronze, 41 mm. SOLD

1801. Exposition of Products of French Industry, B. 159, uniface striking of reverse in white metal, unengraved, 41 mm.

1802. Prefecture of Police, by Gatteaux, B.243, jeton, silver, 28 mm.

1803. Occupation of Hanover, by Denon and Jeuffroy, B. 271, bronze, 40 mm.

1804. Construction of 2,000 ships for the invasion of England, by Droz and Denon, B. 320, bronze, 40 mm. SOLD

1804. Opening of Montgenvre in the Hautes-Alpes, B. 298, by Auguste, bronze, 41 mm.



1804. Coronation, B. 326, by Droz and Jeuffroy, silver, 39 m., about EF, cleaned with surface marks, VF overall, $475, EEE. SOLD

1804. Coronation, B. 325, jeton by Lauer, brass, 23 mm.

1804. Coronation, B. 329, by Jeuffroy, silver, 14 mm.

1804. Coronation, B. 337, anonymous jetons, brass 24 mm. and 21 mm.

1804. Coronation, B. 345, by Gayrard, gilt copper clichŽ, 35 x 43 mm.

1804. Coronation, B. 358, by Galle and Jeuffroy, silver, 68 mm. VF+, some tarnish on reverse; small obverse edge nick at 1 oÕclock. $1,295/BBEE.

1804. Coronation celebrations at the H™tel de Ville, B. 359, by Brenet, bronze, 34 mm.

1804. MusŽe NapolŽon at the Louvre, B. 367, by Andrieu, bronze, 34 mm.

1805. Coronation at Milan, by Manfredini, B. 420, gilt bronze, 41 mm.

1805. Monument for Desaix at Mont Saint Bernard, by Denon, Droz and Brenet, B. 426, silver, 26 mm.; same obverse with wreath reverse, silver, 26 mm.

1805. Same obverse as B. 426, wreath reverse, silver, 26 mm.

1805. Address to the Army on the Lech bridge, by Droz and Denon, B. 432, silver, 40 mm., VF+/EF, obverse rim bruise at 11 oÕclock, $625, KLK. SOLD

1805. Conquest of Austria, by Manfredini, B. 444, gilt bronze, 41.5 mm. SOLD

1805. Meeting at UrchŸtz between Napoleon and Francis I of Austria, by Droz and Andrieu, B. 452, silver, 40 mm., VF+, cleaned, $550, CKE. SOLD

1805. Peace of Presbourg, by Andrieu and Droz, reverse shows closed Temple of Janus, as on coins of Nero, B.455, bronze, 41 mm. SOLD

1805. Venice handed over to Italy, by Droz, Andrieu and Brenet, B. 460, silver, 39 mm., EF, lightly cleaned, many light marks, overall Nice VF or +, $675, KOK. SOLD

1805. Peace ordered in Vienna, by Droz and Andrieu, B. 461, silver, 40 mm., EF, hairlines and scuffing, overall only VF, $495, CLE. SOLD

1805. Peace ordered in Vienna, by Droz and Andrieu, B. 461, bronze, 41 mm.

1805. Column of the Grande ArmŽe, by Brenet and Denon, B. 463, uniface striking in lead, 40 mm.

1806. Confederation of the Rhine, by Droz, Denon and Brenet, B. 534, silver, 40 mm., EF, light marks on portrait, $650, KKE. SOLD

1806. Battle of Jena, by Andrieu, B. 537, bronze, 40 mm.

1806, Battle of Jena, by Manfredini, B. 537, bronze, 41 mm. SOLD

1806. 64me RŽgiment dÕInfanterie, Souvenir de la Fte du 14 Octobre, IŽna, brass, looped, 29 mm.

1806. Sovereignties granted, B. 553, by Andrieu and Droz, bronze, 41 mm.

1806. Sovereignties granted, by Andrieu and Droz, B. 553, bronze, 40 mm.

1807. Battle of Friedland, by Andrieu and Galle, B. 632, the dead, nude, beautiful young soldier resembles Napoleon; silver, 40 mm., $650, SOLD; bronze, 40 mm. SOLD

1807. Conquest of Silesia, by Andrieu, B. 635, bronze, 40 mm. SOLD

1807. Simplon Pass completed, by Andrieu and Brenet, B. 688, silver, 40 mm., about EF/EF, brilliant, $750, HLK. SOLD

1807. Uniface shell portrait by Jeuffroy, no legend, bronze, remnants of mounting medium on back, 66 mm.

1808. Entry of French into Madrid, by Andrieu and Brenet, B. 757, silver, 40 mm., overall VF+, $595, KLE. SOLD

1809. Entry into Vienna, by Andrieu, B. 847, bronze, 41 mm. SOLD

1810. Marriage of Napoleon to Marie Louise, by Denon and Jouannin, B. 942, gilt bronze, 41 mm.

1810. Marriage of Napoleon to Marie Louise, by Stuckhart, B. 944, silver, looped, 33 mm.

1810. Marriage of Napoleon to Marie Louise, by Andrieu, Jouannin and Denon, B. 952, silver, 40 mm., VF(+)/abt. EF, $425, COK.

1810. Marriage of Napoleon to Marie Louise, B. 957, silver, bronze, 15 mm.

1810. Marriage of Napoleon to Marie Louise, by Manfredini, B. 961, gilt bronze, 42 mm.

1811. Birth of the King of Rome, by Andrieu and Denon, B. 1091, bronze, 41 mm.

1811. Birth of the King of Rome, by Andrieu and Galle, B. 1092, bronze, 15 mm.

1811. Birth of the King of Rome, B. 1095, silver, 5 mm. Possibly the smallest medal ever struck!

1811. Birth of the King of Rome, by Andrieu and Jouannin, B. 1099, bronze, 41 mm.

1811. Birth of the King of Rome, by Andrieu, B. 1100, bronze, rave32 mm.

1811. Birth of the King of Rome, by Lambert, Essling 1356, silver repoussŽ clichŽ, 35 mm.

1811. Baptism of the King of Rome, by Andrieu, B. 1126, bronze, 68 mm.

1811. Prize medal of the Vaucluse Academy, by Andrieus, B. 1144, bronze, 41 mm.

1812. French army on the Volga, by Andrieu and Michaut, B. 1166, bronze, 41 mm.

1813. Battle of Lutzen, by Denon and Brenet, B. 1228, bronze, 41 mm.

1813. Battle of Wurtchen, by Depaulis and Brenet, B. 1232, bronze, 41 mm.

1815. Second abdication of Napoleon, by Borrel, Essling 1622, bronze, 32 mm.

1815. Napoleon lands at Rochefort, B. 1677, bronze, 27 mm.

1819. Tribute to the brave French Armies, by Jean-Pierre Droz, B. 1826, bronze, 55 mm. The circumstances of production of this remarkable medal, which lauds the exploits of the French army from 1792 to 1815 with a visual comparison with the exploits of Hercules, are uncertain. The piece has no edge marking and is unlikely to have been minted in Restoration France. Droz is not known to have returned to Boulton and WattÕs Soho Mint in Birmingham after Waterloo, so it is most likely that he returned to his native Switzerland then and had this medal minted there.



1833. Re-establishment of statue on Colonne Vend™me, by Duclos, B. 1914, bronze, 34 mm.

1833. Re-establishment of statue on Colonne Vend™me, 20 jetons, bronze, 22 mm.

1836. Completion of the Arc de Triomphe, by Montagny, B. 1961, bronze, 25 mm.

1836. Completion of the Arc de Triomphe, by Montagny, silver, 16 mm.

1840. Transfer of NapoleonÕs ashes to the Invalides, by Montagny, B. 1988, bronze 25 mm.

1840. Transfer of NapoleonÕs ashes to the Invalides, by Bovy, B. 1990, bronze 41 mm.

1840. Transfer of NapoleonÕs ashes to the Invalides, B. 1991, bronze, looped, 32 mm.

1840. Transfer of NapoleonÕs ashes to the Invalides, by Martagny, gilt copper 52 mm., thick planchet, edge mark (CUIVRE pointing hand 1845 -1860).

1840. Transfer of NapoleonÕs ashes to the Invalides, by Martagny, gilt copper 52 mm., thin planchet, irregular edge mark (C. DORƒ)

1840. ComitŽ des Notaires des DŽpartements, by Barre, silver, 32 mm.

1857. Napoleon campaign medal, to veterans of the campaigns, 1797-1815, B. 2058, bronze, 31 mm. including wreath, suspended by an imperial crown from a green ribbon with narrow red stripes.

1857. Erection of statue at Auxonne, portrait as Artillery Lieutenant, gilt bronze, looped, 23 mm.

1861. Homage of former troops at completion of tomb, by A. Bovy, bronze, 51 mm.

1969. Meeting between Napoleon and Antonio Onofri, issued by the Republic of San Marino, bronze, 60 mm.

Undated, Imperial obverse by Andrieu, reverse: NAPOLƒON BONAPARTE EXPOSITION PRƒSENTƒE PAR LA SOCIƒTƒ POUR LÕENCOURAGEMENT DES ƒTUDES NAPOLƒONIENNES, bronze, 40 mm., edgemark BRONZE cornucopia.

Undated reverse: HOMMAGE AUX BRAVES, nude soldier crowned by Victory, supplicants at feet, trophy to left, signed MOREL FECIT. White metal (pewter?), bronzed, 70 mm.


Portrait medallions

1832. Youthful bust, ¾ right, by David dÕAngers, Reinis 58, bronzed galvano reproduction of cast uniface bronze, beautiful patina, most likely 19th century, 158 mm, $295. For other portrait plaques by David dÕAngers, mainly originals, see

Undated. Imperial bust, left, by Galle, bronze shell, 68 mm.

Undated. Imperial bust, right, by Andrieu, NAPOLEON EMPEREUR, bronze shell, 69 mm.

Undated. Imperial bust, right, NAPOLEON EMPEREUR, gilt bronze shell, surrounded by silvered wreath encased in glass and brass ring, 27 mm.

Undated. Bust, right, in uniform, bronze shell, 63 mm.

Undated. Bust, ¾ right in uniform, bronze shell, 45x64 mm.

Undated. Head, bareheaded, right, legend: NAPOLEON I EMPEREUR; reverse: Bois durci. Bois durci (a cast medium of wood chips and oxblood, patented in 1855), 111 mm., loop attached at top.

Undated. Obverse: imperial bust left; reverse engraved Tours 9 Juin 1856 LA, crossed standards with 2. Plaster, bronzed, 87 mm. Possibly connected with the visit of Napoleon III to Tours after the flooding of the Loire.

Undated. Obverse, bareheaded bust right, NAPOLEON I EMPEREUR, reverse blank except for Bois durci in script, Bois durci (mixture of sawdust and blood), 1860s, 113 mm., $349.


Bonaparte Family

Josephine, Empress, 1805, by Andrieu, B. 476, uniface galvano, bronzed and lead filled in frame, 67 mm,

Josephine, Empress and Queen, 1806, B. 562, uniface repoussŽe, bronze, 44 mm.

Louis Napoleon, Accession as King of Holland, 1806, by George, B. 528, bronze, 48 mm. SOLD

Eugene Napoleon, Vice-King of Italy, undated but c. 1808, gilt bronze shell, 45 mm.

Marie Louise, Empress, by Andrieu, 1810, B. 1028, uniface galvano, bronzed and lead filled, 67 mm.

Napoleon II, death, 1832, bronze, 14 mm.


NapoleonÕs Adversaries [see below for MudieÕs 1820 issues]

1793. Memorial medal for Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, signed by C. H. KŸchler, silvered cast white metal, 50 mm.

1793. Memorial medal for Louis XVI, signed by F. Loos, silver, 30 mm.

1793. Memorial medal for Marie Antoinette, signed by F. Loos, silver, 30 mm.

1793. Memorial jeton for Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, German, Hennin 544, silver, 33 mm.

1802. British medal for the Peace of Amiens, by J. G. Hancock, P. Kempson, and S. Kindon, B. 209, Eimer 940, bronze 49 mm.

1814. Peace of Paris, by J. Barber and W. Wyon, B. 2277, Eimer 1043, bronze, 69 mm.

1814. Peace of Paris, by T. Wyon, Jr., B. 1439, Eimer 1044, bronze, 56 mm. SOLD

1815. Napoleon on Sainte-HŽlne, Dutch, B. 1713, bronze, 27 mm.


MudieÕs Series of Napoleonic-Era Medals


One James Mudie, who remains something of a mystery man, issued (1820-22) a series of Napoleonic medals from the English perspective. They are 41mm, like NapoleonÕs own series, and of exceptional merit. Mudie used the best medalists of the period, including some who worked at the Paris Mint, making pro-Napoleon pieces only 5-10 years before.

For the first time, we have an original, complete set, in the original red-leather book-like case. This is a wooden box, containing two boards of finely tooled leather, each with 20 numbered openings for the medals. The red-leather lid completes the ÒboxÓ. Our set is missing the top and bottom sides of the inner box. The Òbook coverÓ (box lid) is vivid and still attached –fairly soundly. (this is always the weak point, as leather dries out and cracks.) There is a small, very old label affixed to the cover, not thought to be from 1822.

It would likely cost $500 to make such a case today, if ordered in quantity.

The medals themselves are in their original condition, with the usual ÒdustyÓ patina over gleaming surfaces. They could be made to stand out more, using fluids like acetone or ÒCoin Care,Ó but left untouched they exhibit the classic look of this series.

Such sets are rare: many bronzes were sold but surprisingly few remain intact. They were sold for a Guinea – then $5 – apiece in silver and half a Guinea in bronzed copper. In the early 1990s I sat in a Christies/London coin auction and watched an original silver set bring 7,000 pounds (perhaps $15,000 with buyerÕs premium & V.A.T.)

Our complete set is priced at $7,995.


Individual medals from MudieÕs Series


Please note that we also offer a few of the silver strikes. Over the years, weÕve handled hundreds of the bronzes, but only 10-12 silvers.

1797 [1820]. Admiral Viscount Duncan, Battle of Camperdown, MudieÕs series 5, by T. Webb, W. Wyon, Eimer 886, silver, 41 mm., EF, $550.

1801 [1820]. Major Hutchinson, Egypt Delivered, MudieÕs series 9, by T. Halliday?, B. 2161, Eimer 934, silver, 41 mm., EF, tiny edge nick at 7 oÕclock, $800.

1811 [1820]. Lord Beresford, Battle of Albuera, MudieÕs series 18, by T. Webb, N. G. A. Brenet, B. 1123, Eimer 1017, silver, 41 mm., VF-EF, $495; bronze, VF proof-like.

1815 [1820]. English Army in the Netherlands, MudieÕs series 33, by A. J. Depaulis, Lefevre, B. 1607, Eimer 1066, silver, 41 mm., EF, faintest nicks on the edge, $595. During the Hundred Days, the British diverted troops from the Peninsular campaign to black NapoleonÕs drive against the Dutch; these troops would soon join the Battle of Waterloo.


1794 [1820]. Admiral Howe, Naval Victories, MudieÕs series 3, by W. Wyon, Eimer 856, bronze, 41 mm., graded MS62.

1809 [1820]. Death of Sir John Moore, MudieÕs series 14, by G. Mills and J. A. Couriguer, B. 2214, Eimer 994, bronze, 41 mm.

1813 [1820]. Duke of York, Royal Military Academy, MudieÕs series, by Webb and Brenet, B. 1246, Eimer 1035, bronze, 41 mm.

1815 [1820]. Scottish regiments, MudieÕs series, B. 1702, Eimer 1081, bronze, 41 mm.

1816 [1820]. Treaties of Paris, MudieÕs series, by G. Mills, N. G. A. Brenet, B. 1784, Eimer 1080, bronze, 41 mm.

1817 [1820], Constitution for the Ionian Islands, MudieÕs series 40, by A. J. Depaulis, Eimer 1094, bronze, 41 mm.

1817 [1820], George III, MudieÕs series, by T. Webb, A. J. Depaulis, Eimer 1102, bronze, 41 mm.




 Early nineteenth century copies of Napoleonic medals

We have also for sale pieces from two early nineteenth-century series of ÔintaglioÕ copies of Napoleonic medals. Despite the common name of intaglio, these pieces are in relief, and appear to have been cast from issued medals. They were popular in England as well as France in the years after the end of NapoleonÕs empire and are sometimes found in specially designed cabinets or in cases bound to look like books.

1.      The uniface series comprises pieces of a cream-colored composition, in feel and appearance somewhere between plaster and porcelain, with edge bands gilt on the top and black backing. The backing of each has a number chalked onto it corresponding to the earliest listing of Napoleonic medals: Captain J. C. Laskey, A description of the series of medals struck at the National medal mint by order of Napoleon Bonaparte, commemorating the most remarkable battles and events during his dynasty (London, 1818). We offer pieces from this set corresponding to Hennin 782, 786, 850, 896, 921 (obverse and reverse); and Bramsen 61, 76, 79, 107, 195, 213, 275, 271, 291, 327, 847, 1091, and 1464.

1800, B.76

2.      The two-sided series is of a bronze-colored composition with no edge bands and somewhat rough edges with no sign of a join of two uniface pieces. We offer pieces corresponding to Hennin 769, 791; Bramsen 38, 44, 61, 68, 76, 77, 107, 194, 189, 196, 192, 213, 224, 234, 260, 291, 310, 318, 326, 37, 350, 359, 375, 409, 446, 483, 513, 525, 534, 546, 557, 628, 631, 632, 634, 640, 842, 862, 881, 941, 952, 954, 955, 956, 977, 1070, 1091, 1092, 1125, 1129, 1129v, 1594, 1713; and Essling 421, 530, 532, 540, 548, 551, 553, 833, 1811, 2074, 2091, 2466.

1800, B.76



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