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We have a stock of hundreds of large plaques for sale. Most are uniface and suitable for wall hanging. Some are models for smaller medals; others are significant art works in their own right by well-known artists.


Art Plaques


Courage, Patrie, Moralité by Alphée Dubois. This tribute to French patriotism depicts the figure of Youth sculpted by Henri Chapu for the monument cast by Ferdinand Barbedienne to the artist Henri Regnault, who died in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 at the age of 27. The image was reduced by the Paris Mint and used as the obverse of youth-oriented medals of the late nineteenth century, especially those of gymnastic organizations. Cast bronze, 10”, loop attached at top, EF, medium brown patina, $395.



Young girl with flowers attributed to Félix Rasumny (French, 1869-1940). This lovely Art Nouveau piece appears to be an original round casting to serve as the model for one of the smaller free-form pendants for which Rasumny was famous. Cast bronze, 6”, About Perfect condition, nice glossy olive-brown patina. $395.



All Good to You by Aurelio Mistruzzi (Italian, 1880-1960). A bold Art Deco medallion from an artist otherwise known mainly for papal medals. A good representation of the high standards of Italian Fascist-era art, but depicting rather gentler human impulses. Cast bronze, 6 ¾”, hanger soldered onto the back, EF, dark brown hand-finished patina to accentuate contrast; really nice! (and RARE). $550.



American Indian, Art Nouveau style from the Judd Foundry, of Wallingford CT, probably 1920s. Very attractive decorated back. Known as well as part of a pair of bookends. Patinated cast iron, red-brown on green-brouwn, 6” x 5 1/8”. Our photo slightly exaggerates the color contrast. Choice condition. $249.



Bacchanal scene with Herm of Bacchus by Jean Georges Achard (French, 1871-1934), a painter and sculptor of repute, 1904. This work is deliberately and playfully crude. Cast bronze, extremely high relief, 7 3/8”, loop and two mounting bosses attached to back. $595.



Sagittarius by Paul Silvestre (French, 184-1976), one of the leading French Art Deco sculptors. This bold plaque bears an inscription “A mon ami C. Tiron” and the note that the wax had been retouched by the artist; it bears the foundry mark of the Susse Foundry, the oldest and one of the most prestigious in France. Cast bronze, 11 ¼”, flange with hole for hanging on back, $2,000.




Nude dancer with scarf (Isadora Duncan?). Sensitive Art Deco depiction, unsigned and undated. Bronze galvano, 11 ¼”, faint spots, tab soldered to back, $850 (would be twice the price if signed).



Lady with earring by Emile Tardieu. A lovely turn-of-the-century portrait of an unknown sitter. Cast bronze, beautiful deep chocolate patina, sprues on back. 6 ½” x 9 ¼”. $695.


PArt 9

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil by Robert Aitken (American 1878-1949), 1909. The American sculptor Robert Aitken is best known to numismatists as the designer of the ‘Pan-Pac Slugs’, the $50 round and octagonal gold pieces issued for the 1915 Panama Pacific exposition that are the highest denomination coins ever issued by the United States Mint. This whimsical piece has an attractive gray surface highlighted by gilding. Cast bronze, 6 1/8”, loop for hanging attached to the back. $249.


Historical plaques


Declaration of Independence, 1776, by Samuel Black, 1859. Famous early electrotype plaque depicts the July 4, 1776, surrounded by the text of the Declaration and the signatures of all the Signers. A piece of history in its own right. Copper electrotype, 7 1/8” x 8”, two suspension eyelets soldered onto the back. $295.


Personal plaques


Edgar Allan Poe by Edith W. Burroughs, 1909, foundry mark of the Roman Bronze Works. One in a series of plaques commemorating leading American writers, issued by the Grolier Club, the nation’s leading bibliophile society. The original Grolier Club headquarters is right across the street from our shop; contact us at mailto:pauljbosco@covad,net for information on other plaques from the Grolier Club series in our stock. Cast bronze, 7”, hanging loop attached to back. $595 – which will probably be cheaper than that for Poe, the most popular plaque in the searies.



Benjamin Franklin, Penn Relays, by R. Tait McKenzie. A particularly desirable example of this iconic plaque by America’s foremost sculptor of athletes, attached to its original wooden frame. Cast bronze, 8 1/8”, on wood display frame 13” in diameter, award labels removed from front, hanger screwed into back. $750. We also have an 18” version made by electrotyping (‘galvanoplasty’): $1,995.


Animal plaques




Spratt dog food company of London: barnyard scene of dogs of mixed species, with cat looking on, signed by G. P. Luigi, c. 1900. Cast bronze, 8 1/2”. $275.



Arabic panther. Cast iron, 7 ½”. $250.



Lion, by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (French, 1834-1904), sculptor of the Statue of Liberty. Engraved to K. Shuhmann of Rödelheim on his fiftieth birthday. Cast bronze, 8 3/8” x 5 3/8”. $495.



Ram – bélier. Cast iron, 5 ¾”. $250.



Whaling scene. Bronzed cast composition, 8”. $295.


Sports plaques


Archery, by Jules Holy (French, 1872-1950). Cast iron, 8”. $550.



Boules (French bowling sport similar to bocci), by Georges Contaux. Cast iron, 6 ½”. $275.



Fishing, by Samuel Grün (Estonian, 1869-1948). Bronzed copper galvano, 6 1/8” x 8 1/8”.  $395.



Horseracing, by Félix Rasumny (French, 1869-1940). Cast bronze, 8”. $750.



Motorcycling, by Joseph Witterwulghe (Belgian, 1883-1967). Cast bronze, holed for mounting, 12 ½” x 9”. $695.



Polo, by Samuel Grün (Estonian, 1869-1948). Bronzed galvano, 7 ½” x 6”. $495.



Shooting, by Henri Dubois (French, 1859-1953), after Antonin Mercié (French, 1845-1916). Cast bronze, 10”. $295.



Ski. Third Coupe Gérard Montefiore, by C. Sabouret, 1936. Untrimmed copper galvano, 6 ½”. $475.


Topical plaques



Mythology, Diana and her antelope, Art Deco plaque by the copper repoussé master Albert Gilles (b. Paris, 1895; d. Québec, 1979). Copper repoussé, 10” x 10”.




Architecture, City of Amiens, by Félix Rasumny (French, 1869-1940). Cast bronze, 10”. $850.


Astronomy, Analysis of solar protuberances, August 18, 1868, by Alphée Dubois (French, 1831-1905). Cast bronze, 9 3/8”. $750.



Beer, German-American. Dehls & Stein, Newark, 1937. Bronze openwork casting, 8 ½” x 11 ½”. $350.



Photography, journalism. Prize plaque of the Press Photographer Association of N.Y., by Walter Russell (American, 1871-1963), engraved to Jesse Strait, 1940. Cast bronze with hanger, 6 1/8” x 9 1/8”. $450.



Drama, by Daniel Stocker (German, 1865-1957), c. 1910. Bronzed copper galvano with hangers, 6 7/8” x 5 3/8”. $950.



Children’s literature, Miss Muffet by Corice Woodruff (American impressionist painter, b. 1878), 1908. Painted plaster, 5 ¼” x 7 ¼”. $175.



Christopher Columbus. Probably c. 1892. Cast bronze, 4 5/8” x 10 ¼”. $225.



Sailing ship by Georges Guiraud (French, 1901-1989), c. 1935-40. Cast bronze, 6”, mounted on wooden frame with hanger. $249.


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