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Topics of Medals in our Stock


Ancient people


Angels (male)

Denmark, Christian IX, Nordic Industry and Arts Exposition, Copenhagen, 1872, by Peter Petersen. Silver, 48 mm., rare, VF-EF, $249.

France, Octave Gréard, Rector of the Sorbonne, International Congress of Primary Education, 1889, by Alphée Dubois. Bronze, 69 mm. $149.

Angels (female)

Louis XVI, Capture of Mons and Nice, 1691, by Jean Mauger. Bronze, 41 mm., early striking – no edge mark, EF, edge flaw lower reverse, $195.

See below, under Education, the Charles E. French medal








1898. International dog show, Giessen, Germany, gilt bronze, 45 mm., $150. Double portrait!

France, Société Canine du Midi, by Georges Contaux, bronze, 36 x 60 mm., $110.

Belgian prize medal, Boxer by M. De Greef, bronze, 40 mm., $99.

USA, English Springer Spaniel, two sterling silver pinbacks: National Field Trial Association (shape of Lower 48) by E.W.L. Co., Chicago, 32 x 18 mm.; San Fernando Valley club (shape of quartered dollar), 23 x 23 mm. $50 each.





1893 Excursion of the Vienna Numismatic Club to Trautmannsdorf, 1893, by Franz Pawlik, cast lead, 97 mm., Very Fine and presumably very rare. Club members Heinrich Cubasch and Josef Nentwich are welcomed to the Pig Dance. Other topics include monkeys and numismatists!




Lucien Levy Bruhl, 1857-1939, French Jewish philosopher and ethnologist, by Paul-Maximilien Landowsky, 1932, bronze, 68 mm., $239.


École Franćaise d’AthŹnes, Centenary medal, 1946, by Raymond Delamarre, 67 mm., bronze, EF, edge nick at 11:00, $235.

Giovanni Battista de Rossi, excavator of the Roman catacombs, 1882, by Augusto Sirletti, 62 mm., bronze, Superb condition, probably rare, $225.


Cass Gilbert, architect, designer of Woolworth Building, 1931, by Walter Russell, cast bronze, cast by Gorham Foundry, lovely bronze patina with green undertones, 150 x 230 mm., $850.


Art and artists

Art schools

Art awards

Individual artists

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Medallic artists

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Description: Meyerbeer by David d'Angers.jpg

Medals by Karl Goetz

Art medals




The Horse Tamer, by Pierre Lenoir, 1879-1953, after the statue for the ChČteau de Marly reproduced at the entrance to the Champs-Élysées by Guillaume Coustou the Elder (1677 – 1746), bronze, 61 x 76 mm., $149.


Woman with sphinx headdress, by Léon Deschamps, 1864-1899, with 1928 reverse for the town of Suresne on the Seine, engraved as award medal for the international regatta of 1931; the same obverse was used for a medal of the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer du Midi, silver, 42 x 43 mm., in original presentation case, $239.

Art Nouveau

Art Deco


Art Schools

Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Jewelry and Silversmithing, by Gorham & Co., awarded to Margaretta C. Roberts, for Sample Making, 1936, bronze, 51 mm., in original presentation case, $149.

Astrology and Zodiac



We have always had an exceptional inventory of all manner of AVIATION medals for sale. In addition, we have about 1,000 pieces et aside for our future auctions.

1919. First Anglo-Australian flight, Captain Ross Smith, celluloid pinback, red-white-sepia, 31 mm., Nice Very Fine, $99.

1927. First Lindbergh flight, New York to Paris, including Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower, by Julio Kilenyi, bronze, 82 mm., overall Nice Very Fine, $275.

c. 1928. Gloster Gauntlet open cockpit biplane, cast bronze ashtray, 64 x 48 mm. Doubtless extremely rare but ‘quaint.’ $165.

1929, Admiral Byrd, transpolar flight, by Julio Kilenyi, bronze, 82 mm., $325.

c. 1930, Air Orient, France – Indo China, by André Adolphe Rivaud, bronze, 72 mm., $350; we have two examples in stock: one named to the administrator Margot, one to Maurice Pommereau, $350 each.


Lighter than air: balloons and dirigibles

Beer, wine and spirits

Betts (early U.S.)


Bolivar, Simon, see: http://www.pauljbosco.com/personalmedals.htm

Box medals

Bridges, canals and tunnels


Calendar medals – Just a sample of our extensive holdings of calendar medals

Click here to see a listing of our extensive stock of annual calendar medals of the Vienna Mint for much of the twentieth century.

1778. France. Brass, 39 mm., much scarcer than English pieces. Nearly EF, $165.

1792. Birmingham, by James Davies, brass, 32 mm. Good VF, $75.

1808. Vienna, by A. Guillemard, silver, 49 mm. F-VF, $249.

1825. Germany/Greece/Turkish Wars, by G. Loos and C. K. Pfeuffer. Bronzed copper, 41 mm. Shows a phoenix (Greece), rising over a landscape. At left (Greece) a small cross high above a church. At right, the Ottoman Crescent, slipping behind the hills. Some field scuffing below wings, otherwise virtually Mint State and very attractive. $550.

1896. London (Earl’s Court), Ferris Wheel, by Grueber & Co. Aluminum ‘shell’ medal, the planchet made of 2 thin shells of metal, with cardboard inside, 44 mm. Excellent condition for piece, $95.

1912. Woodrow Wilson. Aluminum mechanical medal, 44 mm. Worn, $65.

1987. By Marcel Jovine, bronze, 75 mm., in original box with stand. $49.

1994. Europe, by R. Mayot, French Mint. Bronze, 95 mm., $99.




Chess, cards and other games

Children and baptism

Louis-Henri Devillez, 1855-1941, head of an infant, 32 x 36 mm, silver repoussé, $110; struck bronze, $50.



France, Brigitte Bardot, by C. Lesot, silver, 41 mm., $295; bronze, 41 mm., $195.

France, Gaumont Studios, 25th anniversary, 1931, by A. Rivoire. Bronze, 80 mm., rare, $295.

Italy, Sofia Loren, 20th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1971, by G. Simon, silver, 67 mm., $240

U.S.S.R, Sergei Eisenstein, by Benn, Paris Mint, 1985, 19/100, silvered bronze, 75 mm.

United States, Charlie Chaplin, by A. Canedo, Portuguese medalist, bronze, 78 mm., $55.

United States, Adolph Zukor, founder of Paramount Pictures, 1953, by J. Juszko, bronze plaquette or paper weight with ball feet on back, 63 x 101 mm, $125.

Clocks and watches

Columbiana, see http://www.pauljbosco.com/personalmedals.htm



Austria, Fanny Essler, by F. Paul, 1842, bronze, 45 mm., lovely EF, high relief, $275.

France, Isadora Duncan, by Henry Dropsy, bronze, 49 mm., EF, $225. For the same medal with a different reverse featuring a butterfly, see my page of French art medals.

Early medals, especially Italian and German Renaissance


Friedrich Fröbel, inventor of Kindergarten, 100th anniversary of birth, 1882, by Hermann Held, bronze, 36 mm., about EF, edge nick 2 o’clock on reverse, $99.

International Italo-American Academies, medal to Giuseppe Rosa, professor of tailoring, New York, October 12 1909 (Columbus Day!), an early numismatic demonstration of Italian-American pride. Joined obverse and reverse shells, gilt, 101 mm., About EF for this “charmingly crude” production, RARE, if not UNIQUE, $250.

An inventory of educational medals in stock; see above for Art School.

United States                                                                             


Baltimore City College                                               1

Canisius College                                                       1

University of Chicago                                                3

Columbia University                                                  1

Columbia University School of Journalism, Henry N. Taylor medal, gilt bronze, 75 mm., encased in Lucite, $249. Henry Taylor was a 31-year-old reporter killed by machine-gun fire in the Congo in 1960.

University of Connecticut                                          1

Dartmouth College                                                    1

Defiance College                                                       1

University of Florida                                                  1

Fordham University                                                   2

Georgetown University                                             1

U. S. Grant University, Athens and Chattanooga, TN         5

Hamilton College                                                       2

Harvard University                                                    ‘a bag full'

Haverford College                                                     2

Iona College                                                             1

Lincoln University                                                      1

Manhattanville College                                             1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology                    1

Miami University                                                        4

New York University                                                  2

Ohio State University                                                2

Princeton University                                                  1

Shurtleff College                                                       1

Syracuse University                                                  2

Vanderbilt University                                                 2

Vassar College                                                          1

Wilberforce University                                               1

College of William and Mary                                      2

Yale University                                                          1

Fraternities and Inter-University Societies                        

Delta Psi Fraternity                                                   1

Harvard-Yale Track Meet                                           1

Secondary and Private Schools

Bangor High School (ME)                                           1

The Charles E. French Medal, for top four graduating seniors, c. 1920s, by Robbins Co., Attleboro, MA, silver, uniface plaquette, 98 x 64 mm, in custom leather case, marked STERLING, 247 grams, $395.

Dewitt Clinton High School (NYC)                              2

Drum Hill Junior High School (Peekskill, NY)               1

Glen Rock High School (NJ)                                        1

Noble and Greenough School (MA)                           1

United Kingdom                                                                         


University of Birmingham                                          1

University of Cambridge                                            4

Canterbury University                                               2

Marischal College, Aberdeen                                     1

New College, London                                                3

Oxford University                                                      1

Stonyhurst College                                                   1

Secondary and Private Schools                                         

Madely National School                                             1

School of Industry for Female Orphans, St. John's Wood  1

Winchester College

William of Wykeham, prize medal for manners, mid-1700s, by Richard Yeo, silver, 39 mm., not in BHM (since prize medal), Forrer, VI, 704; Ant. EF, fairly minor surface marks, rather heavy edge marks, $195.




University of Brussels                                               2

University of Groningen                                            1

University of Halle                                                     1

University of Hamburg                                              1

University of Heidelberg                                            2

University of Helsinki                                                 1

University of Iena                                                     1

University of Leiden                                                  2

University of Lyon                                                     1

University of Padua                                                   1

University of Prague                                                 1

University of Strasbourg                                           1

University of Utrecht                                                 1

Secondary and Private Schools                                         

College d'Arras                                                         1

College de Jeunes Filles, Arras                                 1

Lycee Bonaparte                                                       1

Ecole Boulle, Paris                                                     1

Gewerbliche Fortbildungschule Heilbronn                 1

Ecole Primaire, Honfleur                                            1

Institute Lamartine                                                   1

College de Luxembourg                                            1

International College, Rome                                     1

School of Schweidnitz/ Swidnica                              

College Stanislas, Paris                                            1

Realschule Stuttgart                                                 2

Other countries                                                                          


University of Buenos Aires                                        1

Secondary and Private Schools                                         

Colegio Mariano Moreno Buenos Aires                      1


TOPICAL MEDALS, ‘Ancient People’ to ‘Education’ – this page

TOPICAL MEDALS, ‘Engineering’ to ‘Nudes’

TOPICAL MEDALS, ‘Numismatics’ to 'World War II’



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