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Medals of Walt Whitman

One of America’s most beloved poets, Whitman had a distinctive look – especially late in life – that attracted the attention of numerous artists. We feature on this page portrait plaques and medals by some of the most expressive American sculptors of the twentieth century.


Jeno Jusko (1880-1954)

Walt Whitman, 1913, cast white metal uniface plaque, bronzed, 177 mm., with two screw mounts on the back, cast by the Metal Products Manufacturing Company, New York. EF, $375.

Figure 1 Walt Whitman by Jeno Jusko'

R. Tait McKenzie (1867-1938)

Walt Whitman, 1919, for the Franklin Inn Club, cast uniface bronze plaque, 123 mm., with hanger loop on back. EF, $450.

Figure 2 Walt Whitman by R. Tait McKenzie

Leila Usher (1850-1959)

Walt Whitman, 1919, cast silvered bronze plaque, 102 x 122 mm, mounted on marble plinth, 150 x 192 x 73 mm. VF, $399.

Despite the prince, this is the rarest Whitman piece we have.

Figure 3 Walt Whitman by Leila Usher

John Flanagan (1865-1952)

Walt Whitman, 1919, struck bronze uniface medal, 82 mm., loop attached to back, struck by the Medallic Art Company, New York. EF, $295.

Figure 4 Walt Whitman by John Flanagan


Paul Fjelde (1892-1984)

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, 1956, Issue 54 of the The Society of Medalists.


Dexter Jones (b. 1926)

Walt Whitman, 1971, struck silver, 44 mm., issued by the NYU Hall of Fame of Great Americans, EF, $65.


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