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American Art Plaques


In our store, we have hundreds of plaques – uniface pieces, both round and other shapes, 5-inches and larger—mostly bronze, from many countries and with many themes. Not surprisingly, many are American.

Recently we purchased about 100 from the Marvin Reingold collection. Dr. Reingold was for decades the leading collector and dealer in American Art plaques, and in the 1990s bought the majority of my best pieces in this classification.

Most of the pieces listed below are from this group and thus expertized by Dr. Reingold.

Most of these pieces are extremely rare, a fact which is most often NOT reflected in pricing. This is one of the paradoxes of collecting art: usually, bigger is better, and higher-priced, but not for these quasi-numismatic items. There are few sizable collections of Art Plaques in private hands, possibly because pieces are often sequestered with the families and businesses that commissioned them. There are good representations in museums, including those on the Smithsonian website. (Neither donors nor curators ever think anything is “too big.”) Medals collectors tend to include large pieces mainly when a particular medalist’s work is desired.

With the size of Manhattan apartments expanding, at least for the most well-heeled among us, I really expect these domineering bronzes will be increasingly perceived as “not too inconvenient to collect.” At the same time, there is a new collecting class of high-paid tech workers and entrepreneurs, tethered to big cities but living in houses (not apartments!), who have the taste, the space and the arm strength to live with this kind of art. So, the pieces being offered may well be a “ground-floor” collecting opportunity. Certainly the prices are lagging behind those for European art plaques, which with similar medals sell to Europeans, to Americans and now to rather sophisticated Chinese.

Ironically, the purely artistic oversize foreign bronze medallions – plaques – are fully appreciated as art. Some of these plaques are models for the “pretty side” of medals with an obverse portrait, think Chaplain & Roty, among many. The American Art Plaque is uniface and the field is dominated by portraiture: judges, industrialists, generals, authors, statesmen and …wives and children. The artistry is conscious, appropriate and considerable, but the importance of the subject seems to work against the pieces being fully appreciated in the marketplace.

Unless noted, the pieces are in excellent condition. Many are very heavy, and postage charges will reflect as much. Persons buying three or more pieces that can be packed and shipped together may be offered a discount -- a lot price on the plaques themselves -- as well as combined shipping.


Measurements for rectangular pieces list height first.

Sigurd Asboruson (American 20th c.)

DeWitt Clinton High School, New York, Alumni Association Plaque for Conspicuous Service', named to Wesley W. Simpson (1903-1975), Class of 1920, founder of Simpson Custom Fabrics, Inc., cast bronze, 7 1/8”x 4 ½”.

Figure 1 Sigured Asboruson, DeWitt Clinton, bronze plaque


Max Bachmann (American, 1862-1921).

Richard Wagner, 1904, cast bronze, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., New York, 10 ½”.

Figure 2 Max Bachman, Richard Wagner, bronze plaque

''Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On,'' 1904, cast bronze, 14 ¾” x 10 ¾”.

Figure 3 Max Bachman, "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On", bronze plaque


John Banks (American, 20th c.)

Gilbert D. B. Hasbrouck, New York State judge, cast bronze, 23 ½” x 16”

Figure 4 John Banks, Gilbert D. B. Hasbrouck, bronze plaque



Leonard Baskin (American 1922-2000)

Apollo, 1969, cast bronze, 6 5/8” x 7”, hanger on back, engraved on back as 87/250, $595.

Medusa Athenas Shield, 1969, cast bronze, 6 3/8” X 6 5/8”, hanger on back, engraved on back as 107/250, $595.

The Aegis, the name of the shield borne by the goddess Athena, bore the image of the Medusa, a female with snakes for hair that could turn the viewer to stone.


George Beck (English-American, 1748-1812)

Elk in Landscape, cast bronze in wooden frame.

Figure 5 George Beck plaque


Pastoral Landscape, cast bronze in wooden frame.

Figure 6 George Beck plaque


Isidor Binswanger (American, 20th c.)

 Charles and Frances, cast bronze, cast by Roman Bronze Works NY, 9 ½” x 12”

Figure 7 Isidor Binswanger, Charles and Frances, bronze plaque


Emily Clayton Bishop (American, 1883-1912)

Woman's Profile, Man's Profile, 1908, pair of portrait plaques, both signed and dated, cast bronze, each 4 5/8” X 4 ¼”. Pair: $950.

Bishop, a favorite student of William Merritt Chase, is represented by 16 sculptures in the Smithsonian, mostly plasters. It was a loss for American Sculpture that she died young. Her page:

Figure 8 Emily Clayton Bishop, portrait plaque


Clio Bracken (American, 1870-1925)

Ignacy Jan Paderewski, 1916, cast bronze, 9 ½: x 11”. $1500.

Paderewski is a giant in the field of music, but also the first Prime Minister of Poland. A wonderful piece, artistically, and of considerable historical importance. Happily, the piece is dated.

Figure 9 Clio Bracken, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, bronze plaque


Michael Brenner (American, 1888-1975), brother of Victor David Brenner

Harvey and Carol Schiff, cast bronze, 6 ½” x 8 ½”.

Figure 10 Michael Brenner, Harvey and Carol Schiff, bronze plaque


Victor D. Brenner (American 1871-1924).

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1911, cast bronze, 7 ¼”. $595

For the Grolier Club, the society of bibliophiles in NYC. Our store is directly across the street from the small, landmark building that was their first home. The club has not slowed down in the 125+ years of its existence.

It issued a small number of circular plaques in the 1880s thru the ‘teens: Nathaniel Hawthorne by Ringel DiIllzach (1892), James Russell Lowell by Charles Calverley (1895), Edgar Allen Poe by Edith Woodman Burroughs (1909), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by John Flanagan (1911), Ralph Waldo Emerson by Victor D. Brenner (1911).

These are scarce, with issuances of about 175 to 300 pieces, but we have them in stock fairly often.

Figure 11 Victor D. Brenner, Ralph Waldo Emerson, bronze plaque


Roger Noble Burnham (American 1876-1962)

Mother and Daughter, 1926, cast bronze, gilt, 3” x 2 3/8”

Figure 12 Roger Noble Burnham, mother and daughter plaque, bronze plaque


Henry Kirke Bush-Brown (American 1814-1886)

Washington Irving, 1907, issued by the Saint Nicholas Society, bearing seal of the State of New York to the left of the head and a weathercock to the right, cast bronze, 7 ¼”, on back: ST. NICHOLAS SOCIETY DECEBER 6-1907, and foundry mark of the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Foundry, New York.


Charles Calverley (American 1833-1914)

Robert Burns, 1896, cast bronze, 9” in frame 12 ½” x 12 ½”, $2,495.

In 1880, Calverley did a life-size statue of Burns for the Washington Park in Albany; two years later Andrew Carnegie had examples of the bust cast for himself and for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Figure 13 Charles Calverley, Robert Burns plaque, bronze plaque


Elizabeth Carstin (American, 20th Century)

Charles, 1926, cast bronze, 13 ¾” x 10”

Figure 14 Elizabeth Carstin, Charles, bronze plaque


Paolo Cartaino di Sciarrino (Italian – American, b. 1882)

John Burroughs, 1917, famous American naturalist, based on the monumental sculpture in Toledo, Ohio, by his brother Pietro Cartaino di Sciarrino, cast bronze, 8” x 5 ¼”

Figure 15 Paolo Cartaino di Sciarrino, John Burroughs, bronze plaque

William Estep, 1934, cast bronze, 10”. $195 (cheap!)

Estep, 1896-1967, was founder of The Supermind Science, a parapsychological movement of the 1930's. Generally regarded as a kook and a criminal/fraud.

Also comes in a smaller size, 3-4”, which I probably have lying around.

Figure 16 Paolo Cartaino di Scarrino, William Estep, bronze plaque


George Catlin (1796-1872)

Mandan Sioux O-Kee-Pa Ceremony, Cutting Scene, 1832, an extreme coming-of age ritual, copper relief plaque of copy in NYPL, stamped 'L. C. Tiffany NY City NY', also stamped 'By Courtesy of New York Public Library For Museum Use Only,'' 7” x 9 ½”.

Figure 17 George Catlin, Mandan Sioux O-Kee-Pa Ceremonu, plaque by Tiffany


Allan Clark (American 1896-1950)

Mme. Amelia Calli, 1922, cast bronze, 9 ¾”

Figure 18 Allan Clark, Amelia Calli, bronze plaque


Gail Sherman Corbett (American 1871-1952).

Eunice Elisabeth Maxwell Sherman, 'Grandmother in The Seventy-Seventh Year of Her Life', 1902, initialed and stamped, cast bronze, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., New York, 7 ¾” x 5''.

Figure 19 Gail Sherman Corbett, Eunice Elisabeth Maxwell Sherman, bronze plaque

Richard Salter Storrs, 1902, cast bronze, cast by The Henry-Bonnard Co., New York, 9 3/8: x 6 3/8''.

Figure 20 Gail Sherman Corbett, Richard Salter Storrs, bronze plaque


Cornelius and Company, Philadelphia

Characters from James Fennimore Cooper’s Leather Stocking Tales, associated with Daniel Boone, c. 1848, Cast bronze relief of Daniel Boone and Indians, 8 3/8” x 6 ¼”. $495

The figural element of a girandole, a kind of table-top chandelier, an example of which is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of art. In 2003 Cowan’s auctioned the complete piece (Est. $1500-2000):

Figure 21 Cornelius and Company, James Fennimore Cooper, Leather Stocking, Daniel Boone, bronze plaque


Jo Davidson (American 1883-1952)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, cast bronze, high relief on wooden plaque.

Figure 22 Jo Davidson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bronze plaque


E. Albert Davis (American)

For Science Exploration, 1934, plaster, 12”, slight chipping on edge at 4 o’clock, $1,250.

Stunning Art Deco artist’s plaster, presumably for a medal or plaque, but apparently never produced, so this may be unique. Includes representation of early radio mechanisms, an airplane, and the Empire State Building. Signed on the back by the artist, May 7, 1934, as In Honor of Admiral Byrd.



Anthony de Bona (American, 1896-1951)

Edward Livingston Trudeau, 1935, cast bronze, 11 ½” x 8 ½”. $750

Fine portrait plaque of a striking-looking subject. Dr. Trudeau (1848-1915) was the son of James de Berty Trudeau (also represented in this collection). A tuberculosis survivor and a pioneer researcher of the disease. He has a Wikipedia page. Sculptor Anthony de Bona made this portrait plaquette while a patient at the Trudeau Sanatorium at Saranac Lake New York.

Figure 23 Anthony de Bona, Edward Livingston Trudeau, bronze plaque


May Smith Dean (American, 1863-1946)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, c. 1931, cast bronze, 6”, hook and two screw flanges on back, inked collection mark 1301/2 on back.

Robert Browning, 1931, cast bronze, 6 ¼”, hook and two screw flanges on back, inked collection mark 1301/2 on back.

Charming pendant set of Victorian poet couple.

Figure 24 Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning by May Smith Dean



Vladimir Fortunato (American, 20th Century)

William S. Halsted, 1924, cast bronze, 6 ¾” x 4 ¾”.

Figure 25 Vladimir Fortunato, William S Halsted, bronze plaque


Edward Geiselman (American, early twentieth century)

Indian in Battle Dress, 1914, cast bronze, 7 5/8” x 4 5/8”.

Figure 26 Edward Geiselman, Indian, bronze plaque


William S. Geschwind

John Purroy Mitchel, 1913, Mayor of New York, 1914-17, died in Air Corps service 1918, cast bronze; 8 ½” x 6 ½”.

Namesake of Mitchel Air Field in Nassau County. There is a portrait monument of Mitchel by Adolf A. Weinman erected in 1926 in Central Park, at Fifth Avenue and 91st St.

Figure 27 WIlliam S. Geschwind, John Purroy Mitchell, bronze plaque


Archimedes Giacomantonio (American, 1905-1988).

Robert Rendall, ‘Kiwanian’, signed, stamped Cellini Bronze Works. 16” x 16”.

Figure 28 Archimedes Giacomoantonio, Robert Rendall, Kiwanian, bronze plaque


Ralph Bartlett Goddard (American, 1861-1936).

Henry Drisler, 1890, Columbia University Classics professor and abolitionist, cast bronze, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co. NY, 7 ¾” x 6 3/8”. $395/AEE.

Figure 29 Ralph Bartlett Goddard, Henry Drisler, bronze plaque

Charles Parkhurst, 1894, cast bronze, signed and dated, on wood panel, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co, New York, bronze, 9 ½” x 7 ¼”.

Figure 30 Ralph Bartlett Goddard, Charles Parkhurst, bronze plaque

Thomas Carlyle, 1898, cast bronze, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Foundry, New York, 10 ¼” x 7 1/4''.

Figure 31 Ralph Bartlett Goddard, Thomas Carlyle, bronze plaque


Julien Gosselin (French-American, twentieth century)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, cast plaster medallion, signed

Figure 32 Julien Gosselin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, plaster plaque


Adolph Graziani (American, 1863-1935)

Man's Profile, signed, cast bronze in wooden frame, image: 6''.

Figure 33 Adolph Graziani, bronze plaque


Louis Gerrini (American, 20th century)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933, cast bronze

Figure 34 Louis Gerrini, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bronze plaque

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933, cast bronze

Figure 35 Louis Gerrini, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bronze plaque



Genevieve K. Hamlin (American 1896-1989)-

Arturo Toscanini, 1934, cast bronze, 10”. $495

Powerful male portrait by this important “lady sculptor”. A struck version, about 2 ½”, uniface, was impressed in the cover of a multi-record set of LPs.

Figure 36 Genevieve K. Hamlin, Arturo Toscanini, bronze plaque


John Scott Hartley (American, 1845-1912).

Julien Tappan-Davies, New York Supreme Court Justice, 1891, signed and dated, cast bronze, 13” x 10''.

Figure 37 John Scott Hartley, Julien Tappan-Davies, bronze plaque

George Alfred Miller, Professor at New York University Law School, 1902, cast bronze, 13” x 10 ¾”.'

Figure 38 John Scott Hartley, George Alfred Miller, bronze plaque


Mabel Jane Hess (American, 1902-1989)

Othello, terra cotta relief plaque

Figure 39 Mabel Jane Hess, Othello, terra cotta relief


Charles. L. Hogeboom (American, active 1870s-80s).

 Dr. Willard Parker, 1884, signed and dated, cast bronze, 22 1/8” x 18 ½”.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:alanstahl:Desktop:2_2.jpg

Figure 40 Charles L. Hogeboom, Dr. Willard Parker, bronze plaque


Isaac Horowitz

Man and Woman, carved wood plaque, signed, 16 ½” x 12 ½”.

Figure 41 Isaac Horowitz, carved wood plaque


Albert Jaegers (German-American, 1868-1925)

Richard Wagner, 1895, cast bronze, 16 ¾” x 13”, $2,495.

Figure 42 Albert Jaegers, Richard Wagner, bronze plaque


Samilla Love Jameson (American, 1881-1965)

“Taking The Oath,” c. 1918, cast bronze, 11” x 8”.

Figure 43 Samilla Love Jameson, "Taking the Oath", bronze plaque


Thomas D. Jones (American, 1811-1882)

Daniel Webster, 1852, cast plaster in wooden frame, several areas of paint touch-up, nicks and scratches

Figure 44 Thomas D. Jones, Daniel Webster, plaster plaque


Thomas Hudson Jones (American 1892-1969)

Nicholas Murray Butler, 1941. Columbia University president –for 43 years!! Cast bronze, looped, 4”.

Figure 45 Thomas Hudson Jones, Nicholas Murray Butler, Columbia Universiy, bronze plaque


Jeno Juszko (Hungarian-American 1880-1954)

We also have his autograph for sale.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1913, cast bronze on wooden plaque, image: 7”

Figure 46 Jeno Juszko, Oliver Wendell Holmes, bronze plaque

Victor Hugo, 1913, cast bronze on wood plaque, image: 7”

Figure 47 Jeno Juszko, Victor Hugo, bronze plaque

Mother and Daughter, 1933, cast bronze on wood plaque, image: 4 ¾ x 7”

Figure 48 Jeno Juszko, Mother and Daughter, bronze plaque


Louis Keila (American 20th c.)

Marcus Loew, 1921, cast bronze, 17 ½” x 11 ¼”.

Figure 49 Louis Keila, Marcus Loew, bronze plaque


James Edward Kelly (American, 1855-1933).

Neil Burgess, 1890, cast bronze, cast by The Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., New York, 5”.

Figure 50 James Edward Kelly, Neil Burgess, bronze plaque

Dr. Thomas Dunn English, signed and inscribed to the New Jersey politician and poet: 'Whose Battle Ballads Have Inspired Me,'' bronze plaque in gilt frame, plaque: 7 ½” x 5 ½”.

Figure 51 James Edward Kelly, Dr. Thomas Dunn, bronze plaque

Dr. Thomas Dunn English, another example, not framed. 7 1/2 x 5 3/4''

Figure 52 James Edward Kelly, Dr. Thomas Dunn, bronze plaque


Ernest W. Keyser (American 1876-1959)

Couple, 1914, cast bronze, 5” x 6 1/8”

Figure 53 Ernest W. Keyser, Couple, bronze plaque


Roger William Cull, 1923, cast bronze, 12” x 8”'

Figure 54 Ernest W. Keyser, Roger William Cull, bronze plaque


Anna Coleman Ladd (American 1878-1939).

One great lady, Ms. Ladd headed a small group of artists who sculpted FACES for men disfigured in battle. Few if any of these amazing prosthetics have survived.

Serbia Surrenders Only To God, 1916, cast bronze, 10”.

Figure 55 Anna Coleman Ladd, Serbia Surrenders only to God, bronze plaque

Joan of Arc, 1918, cast bronze, 9” x 6 ¾”.

Figure 56 Anna Coleman Ladd, Joan of Arc, bronze plaque

Female Figure, 1918, cast bronze, cast by Gorham, 9” x 6 ½.

Figure 57 Anna Coleman Ladd, Female figure, bronze plaque


Bernice Frances Langton (American, 1878-1959)

Originally of Erie PA, Bernice Langton was a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and then studied with Auguste Rodin in Paris; she was among the artists discussed in a 1911 article in The Good Housekeeping Magazine on Women Sculptors in America.

Charles Merrill Chapin, Jr. (mining engineer,1898-1973), 1899, cast bronze, cast by the Henry Bonnard Foundry, NY, 12” x 7”, very minor spotting, $550.


Louis L. Leach

Man's Portrait, 1916, cast bronze on wooden frame; bronze plaque: 9 ½” x 8 ¼”.

Figure 58 Louis L. Leach, man's portrait, bronze plaque


Margaret Wasserman Levy (American, 1899-1988)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933, cast bronze

Figure 59 Margaret Wasserman Levy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bronze plaque


Richard Lindner (German-American, 1901-1978)

Old Ironsides - The Champion of American Liberty, cast bronze, 8 3/8”.

Figure 60 Richard Lindner, Old Ironsides, bronze plaque


George John Lober (American 1892-1961).

Robert Wallace, manufacturer of silver-plated flatware, bronze plaque, with holes for mounting, 14” x 14”.

Figure 61 George John Lober, Robert Wallace, bronze plaque


Bruno Lucchesi (Italian-American, b. 1926)

Mother and Baby, 1980, cast bronze, 5 ¾” x 2 ½”.

Figure 62 Bruno Lucchesi, Mother and baby, bronze plaque


Timothy John McAuliffe (American, 1856-1922)

Profile of Young Girl, 1912, cast bronze, 13 ½” x 9 ½”.

Figure 63 Timothy John McAuliffe, young girl, bronze plaque


R. Tait MacKenzie (Canadian, 1867-1938)

Mary Ellis Bell Prize of the University of Pennsylvania for Student Medical Research obverse, 1923, awarded 3/9/43 to Martin Netsky and Samuel Leiter, cast bronze, 5”. The portrait is of Aesculapius; the legend translates ‘because of research.’

Figure 64 R. Tait MacKenzie, Mary Ellis Bell Prize, University of Pennsylvania, bronze plaque


Rudolf Marschall (Austrian 1873-1967)

Edward Everett Bartlett, 1926, cast bronze, 5 3/8” x 3 1/8”; this cast plaque corresponds to a struck medal 3” x 1 ¾”

Bartlett was an American expert on typography

Figure 65 Rudolf Marschall, Edward Everett Bartlett, bronze plaque


R. T. Meagher (American, 20th c.).

The Naturalist, cast bronze on wood panel, relief: 10 ¼” x 8 ¾”.

Figure 66 R. T. Meagher, The Naturalist, bronze plaque


Olga P. Muller (American 1883-1980)

Abraham Lincoln and Son, 1922, cast bronze, 7” x 4 ¾”

Figure 67 Olga P. Muller, Abraham Lincoln, bronze plaque


Charles Austin Needham (American, 1844-1923)

Buffalo Bill Cody, 1918, cast bronze; 5 ¼”. $1500

Given the prominence of the subject, and the fact that I did not previously know of this medal, I believe this is quite rare.

Figure 68 Charles Austin Needham, Buffalo Bill Cody, bronze plaque


Arnold Neuhofer

Willi Konitta, 1928, cast bronze, 10 ¾” x 9 ¼”

Figure 69 Arnold Neuhofer, Willi Konitta, bronze plaque


Allen G. Newman (American, 1875-1940)

Plaque awarded to Charles L. Craig, 1920, cast bronze on wooden plaque, relief: 16 ½” x 10 ½”. Craig was one of several municipal officials awarded such a plaque by the Captains and Lieutenants of the Fire Department of New York for support for “equitable and commensurate salary adjustments.”  The following year, the Tammany Hall politician was charged with Contempt of Court in a dispute with a federal judge who denied his application to be a co-receiver in the liquidation of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company; President Calvin Coolidge remitted Craig’s 60 day sentence but refused to pardon him.

Figure 70 Allen G. Newman, Fire Department of New York to Charles L. Craig, bronze plaque


William C. Noble (American, 1858-1938).

Horace Greeley, 1884, copper relief in wooden frame, relief: 14” x 12”.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:alanstahl:Desktop:2_4.jpg

Figure 71 William C. Noble, Horace Greeley, bronze plaque

Marion Clifford Howard,” 1886, cast bronze, cast by The Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., New York, 3 ¾”.

Figure 72 William C. Noble, Marion Clifford Howard, bronze plaque


G. Henry Paine (American 20th c.)

Woman's Profile, 1910, cast bronze, signed, 10” x 7 ½”.

Figure 73 G. Henry Paine, woman's profile, bronze plaque


Frank Vincent Patrick (American 1903- )

Woman's Profile, 1932, cast plaster relief, 12” x 9 ½”, chips and scratches.

Figure 74 Frank Vincent Patrick, woman's profile, plaster plaque


Ernesto Peruggi (Italian-American)

Peruggi is best known for his modeling of dolls.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1932, cast bronze

Figure 75 Ernesto Peruggi, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, bronze plaque


Henry Louis Phillips (American)

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, cast bronze, with gilt accents, 7”, hanger on back.


Raymond Averill Porter (American, 1883-1949)

Augusta, 1907, cast bronze, 5 ¼”


Figure 76 Raymond Averill Porter, Augusta, bronze plaque

Harvest Offering, 1912, cast bronze, 11” X 9 ¾”

Figure 77 Raymond Averill Porter, Harvest Offering, bronze plaque


Francisco Rebajes (Dominican-American, 1905-1990)

Ubangi, Cast bronze, concave, 14”, $595.

Figure 78 Francisco Rebajes, Ubangi, bronze plaque


Norman Rockwell (American, 1894-1978)

The Four Freedoms: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear, 1943; bronzed copper galvanotypes issued by the Curtis Publishing Company, 16” by 11”, the first three mounted on wooden frames 23” x 15” for award by the John Harris High School, Harrisburg PA, 1955-56, ‘Freedom from Want has light spotting on the right, otherwise all are as issued. $495 each; the three mounted ones for $1,300; all four for $1,700.

Figure 79 Norman Rockwell, Four Freedoms, bronze plaque


Figure 80 Norman Rockwell, Four Freedoms, bronze plaque


Elizabeth R. Royce

Margaret Miller, 1916, cast bronze, 17 ½”.

Figure 81 Elizabeth R. Royce, Margaret Miller, bronze plaque


Walter Russell (American 1871-1963)

Cass Gilbert, 1931, architect, designer of Woolworth Building, cast bronze, cast by Gorham Foundry, 8 ¾” x 6”.

Figure 82 Walter Russell, Cass Gilbert, bronze plaque


Marion Michael Rzeznik (Polish-American 1899-1977)

Jan Pitass, first pastor of Church of Saint Stanislaus, Buffalo, NY, 1927, gilt cast white metal, 12” x 13”, $265.


Edward Field Sanford, Jr. (American 1886-1951)

Chief Uncas of the Mohegans, c.16260c.1684, 1911, bronze relief plaque, signed and dated; 14 ¾ x 20 ¼”.

Figure 83 Edward Field Sanford, Jr., Chief Uncas of the Mohegans, bronze plaque


Hans Schuler (American, 1874-1951)

Francis Graham Riggs and Henry Griffith Riggs, twin brothers born 1872, 1913, cast bronze, 7”.

Figure 84 Hans Schuler, Frances Graham Riggs and Henry Griffith Riggs, bronze plaque


D. P. Sheahan.

Robert Emmett, 1884, cast bronze, 9 3/8” x 9 ½”.

Figure 85 D. P. Sheahan, Robert Emmett, bronze plaque


Ishmael Smith y Mari (Spanish-American 1886-1972)

The Gertrude Thebaud, cast bronze, 6 ½” x 8”

Figure 86 Ishmael Smith y Mari, The Gertrude Thebaud, bronze plaque


Arturo Sofo (American, 1899-1990)

Zachary Freedman, 1956, labor leader, President of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, cast bronze, 11 ½”.

Figure 87, Arturo Sofo, Zachary Freedman, ILGWU, bronze plaque


James Trudeau (French-American, 1817-1887)

James de Berty Trudeau, 1817-1887, was born in France. He was a prominent member of the New York Academy of Medicine, but had ties to the old French city of New Orleans, and he resigned his membership about the time he became a Confederate officer. As a young man he lived among Indians, learning languages, and was close to James Audubon. After the war he was a prominent doctor and researcher in New Orleans, up to his death.

He created medallions of himself and several other doctors, and plaster caricatures of others, evidently costing him much of his good name. For considerable biography of James Trudeau and his family, download this PDF or this one.

Portrait of a bearded man, signed New Orleans 1857, cast bronze, cast by the Eck and Durand, Paris, foundry, 7 1/4''. $1500

This medallion may have been influenced by the portrait reliefs of David d’Angers—who also employed the Eck and Durand foundry—and as such is arguably the first American “Art medal”.

Figure 88 James Trudeau, portrait of a bearded man, bronze plaque



Leila Usher (American 1859-1955).

Susan B. Anthony, 1902, cast bronze, 8 ¼”.

The original, larger version of this piece was made for a celebration at Bryn Mawr College honoring Anthony. A smaller struck version was issued in 1920.

Figure 89 Leila Usher, Susan B. Anthony


Young Girl, cast bronze, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., New York, 10 ¾” x 7”.

Figure 90 Leila Usher, young girl, bronze plaque

Girl of Palermo, cast bronze, cast by the Henry-Bonnard Bronze Co., New York, 9 ¼” x 6”.

Figure 91 Leila Usher, girl of Palermo, bronze plaque


Albert Weinert (American 1863-1947)

Geldon, 1912, cast bronze, signed, 4 ½” x 3 3/8”.

Figure 92 Albert Weinert, Geldon, bronze plaque

 Stevenson Taylor, 1926, cast bronze, 3 ½”

Figure 93 Albert Weinert, Stevenson Taylor, bronze plaque



Karen Worth (1924-present)

Worth was a student of Paul Manship, and continues to be a proponent of his Art-Deco approach to medallic sculpture.

Benefactor’s plaque, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, 1966, bronzed uniface galvano, 265 mm., $695.


Alexander Zeitlin (Russian-American, 1872-1946)

Man's Portrait, 1912, cast bronze, 15” x 12 ½”.

Figure 94 Alexander Zeitlin, man's portrait, bronze plaque


Louis Zoellner (American, 1852-1934).

Lady's Profile, 1885, cast bronze in wooden frame, relief: 14 5/8” x 11 ¾”.

Figure 95 Louis Zoellner, lady's profile, bronze plaque

James S. T. Stranahan, 1891, honoring his services to the city of Brooklyn, cast bronze, 4 ¾”.

Figure 96 Louis Zoellner, James S. T. Stranahan, bronze plaque


Richard Wagner, 1891, cast bronze, looped, 6 ¼”cast bronze.

Figure 97 Louis Zoellner, Richard Wagner, bronze plaque


20th c. American School

Man's Profile, cast bronze on wood plaque, 8 ¾” x 7”.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Columbia Space Shuttle Landing, 1981, cast brass, 10 ¼”. $250

One of the largest, most unusual Space Flight “medals” we have had, and we have had many hundreds.


U.S. Patriotic Society

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1937


Look at our pages of Beaux-Arts Plaques and of Plaques by Medalists. We have hundreds of other plaques in our store at 32nd and Madison in New York. Visit us by appointment or send your want lists to .