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Selected Beaux-Arts Plaques and Medals


The École des Beaux-Arts in Paris was the center of the great renaissance of medallic art in the later nineteenth century under the leadership of its professor Oscar Roty, perhaps the greatest medalist of the modern age. Many of the masters of the medium received their training there, including the Americans Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Victor David Brenner.


We have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Beaux-Arts medals, which are also known as Art Nouveau medals, in our stock. Some are illustrated on the pages of art medals, French art medals, and medals from the Terranova Collection. Larger ones are illustrated on the page of plaques by medallic artists.. Other works by these (and additional) medalists can be found in the Personal Medals department, in the Topical Medals department, or the Historical Medals department of our store.


On this page we are illustrating some Beaux-Arts plaques and still more Beaux-Arts medals for sale, concentrating on those of a few key artists.



The medallists of the Beaux-Arts school, in co-operation with the Paris Mint, brought to perfection the technology of die engraving via the application of a reducing machine to a large-size model. The plaques from the period represent the artwork as modeled by the sculptor, before it was mechanically reduced in size and engraved into the die. For other examples of plaques, from the hundreds in our stock, see our Plaques page.


Jean-Baptiste Daniel Dupuis: Jules Robert, famed banknote engraver, 1898, uniface bronzed galvano, hanger on back, 170 mm., $795. SOLD


Jean-Baptiste Daniel Dupuis: Département de la Seine, 100 mm gilt on velvet plaque, 165 x 165 mm, $350


René Grégoire [attributed to]: La Peinture, cast bronze, 235 mm; La Sculpture, cast bronze, 235 mm, $900 each; $1,500 the pair



Jean Désiré Ringel d’Ilzach: EugŹne Guillaume, sculptor, 1884, cast bronze with suspension ring, 175 mm, $695





Louis Oscar Roty, 1846-1911

To coin collectors, and members of the general public of a certain age, Roty’s most familiar work is the image of the sower (la semeuse), which graced the French one-franc coin for a century beginning in 1897, and survives in an altered form on several French euro coin denominations. In the medallic world he is known for his own medals and plaques, for such innovations and the use of rectangular format and multiple scenes, as well as the presentation of the modern world in a classic guise, but perhaps most importantly for his influence on other artists, especially those he trained at the École des Beaux-Arts from 1864 until his death.

1882. Paul Durrieu

Cast bronze, uniface, 99 x 137 mm. SOLD


1882. Léon Gambetta

Silver, 68 mm, VF+, $295


1886. Michel EugŹne Chevreul

Produced for a subscription to celebrate the hundredth birthday of a renowned chemist, this is considered by many to be the most expressive portrait medal of the Beaux-Arts period. We are proud to be able to offer it as a large cast medal as well as in the issued silver and bronze struck version. 

Cast bronze, 100 mm.


Struck silver, 68 mm., ex Tony Terranova, $550.


Struck bronze, 68 mm., ex Geraldine Dodge-Rockefeller, $295.


1888. Sir John Pope-Hennessy

Bronze, 69 mm, EF, $495

The Governor of the French island department of Mauritius was the grandfather of the author of the catalogue of the Dreyfus/Kress Collection of Renaissance Medals at the National Gallery in Washington, DC


1892. Christofle Company, 50th anniversary

Silver, 95x59 mm, in a velvet frame 152x121 mm, VF, $550; also the central panel as a separate plaque, silver, 29x41 mm, $200


1893. Chamber of Commerce of Saint Nazaire

Silver, 41 x 41 mm, EF, slightest mottling on reverse, $225

1895. International Penitentiary Congress

Silver, 50 mm, about EF, $149

Note fine view on reverse of the Pont Neuf, Paris


1898. French School of Athens

Struck silver, 60 mm., $1,150.


1901. Gare de Lyon

Silver, 49 x 44 mm, EF, $225; another: toning spot on the reverse field, $199

Given to shareholders of the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean railroad line



Jean-Baptiste Daniel Dupuis, 1849-1899

1880, Chambre des Députés

Struck bronze, 70 mm., $165.

L’Union Insurance Company, sculpted by Daniel Dupuis, engraved by Charles Marey

Silver, 78 x 59 mm., engraved to Lopez de Noyer, 1922, $525.


Émile-Séraphin Vernier, 1852–1927

Mission Franćaise aux États-Unis, 1919

Bronze, 50 x 79 mm., in original case of issue, ex Maison Franćaise, engraved to McDougall Hawkes, founder and first president of the French Institute of the United States, chairman of the board of Entente France-America, Commander of the Légion d’Honneur, $125.


Louis Bottée, 1852-1941

Best known to American collectors for his depiction of a resurgent San Francisco in his medals and plaquettes following the 1909 earthquake, Bottée was one of the most accomplished of French medallists of the Beaux-Arts school.

1894, ň la Science

Struck bronze, 50 mm., about EF, $49.


La France au ProgrŹs

struck bronze, 50 mm., about EF, $65.


Alexandre Charpentier, 1856-1909

While Roty worked in, and taught, a mainly painterly approach to the art of the medal, his contemporary Charpentier was much more sculptural, and participated in the Art Nouveau movement with works in ceramics and furniture, as well as his highly regarded and sought-after plaques and medals.

1896, Ernest Besnier, Hôpital Saint Louis, Paris

Silvered bronze, 59 x 43 mm, VF-EF/F-VF $120.


1899, La Peinture

Bronze, 40 x 52 mm, EF, $135.


Georges Dupré, 1869-1909

A descendent of Augustin Dupré, who engraved the Libertas Americana medal and other important early American pieces, Georges Dupré was one of Roty’s most promising students, but died at age 39 before he was able to produce a substantial body of work; his medals are therefore scarce and highly sought-after.


1900, René Fouret and Catherine Bréton

Silvered copper electrotype, backed with lead, 72 x 79 mm, EF, $550.

Fouret was an associate of the Hachette publishing company.


1901, Rédemption

Silver, 45 mm, EF, some varnish upper right reverse, $110; bronze, 72 mm, $95.


Méditation, 1902

Bronze, 49 x 62 mm, overall VF, $90.


Tir scolaire

Silver lapel pin, 20 x 39 mm, EF, $75.



Victor Peter, 1840-1918

Though primarily regarded as the master of animal illustration, Peter was a distinguished portraitist and sculptor, including for his work as an assistant to Auguste Rodin, for whom he carved figures for The Gates of Hell.


Horse and trainer

Silvered bronze, 45 mm, with reverse by Arthus Bertrand for the Concours Hippique du Touquet, 1927, about EF, $125; also available as bronze, 45 mm, with reverse of the Société pour la Défense des Animaux, about EF, $125; and bronze, 45 mm, with wreath reverse, ex Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge Collection, EF, tiny spots, $125.


Mare and colt, 1929

Silver, 40 mm, with reverse by Alphée Dubois for the Concourse Central Hippique, 1931, about EF, $225; also available as gilt bronze, 50 mm, with reverse by Henri Dubois, Offered by B. d’AilliŹres, F-VF, $75; and silvered bronze, 50 mm, with reverse by Henri Dubois for the Société de Sport de France, 1932, EF, $150.


Jockey on horseback, 1929

Bronze, 50 mm, with reverse by Henri Dubois, EF, $185.


Fearless dog, 1930

Bronze, 50 mm, with reverse by Henri Dubois, EF, $165.


Youth with fawn

Bronze uniface, 49 mm, mounted on stand, lovely EF, $249; also available as bronze uniface, 49 mm, EF, $215.


Rooster and hens

Bronze, 40 mm, with reverse for the Société des Aviculteurs de la Gironde, EF, two light spots, $120.


Louis Pasteur Memorial Medal, 1896

Bronze, 68 mm, speckled tone, but a lovely EF, $225.


Raoul Montbrand, Commemorating his Death at Verdun in World War I, 1916

Bronze, 68 mm, VF-EF, $125.


Lucien Coudray, 1864-1932

Coudray was master of the ‘genre’ plaquette, featuring scenes of everyday life, often the rustic life that his Parisian patrons viewed with nostalgia.

Agriculture, 1904

Struck silver, 100 x 62 mm., engraved to André Simon 1909, VF+, $395; bronze,



Charles Pillet, 1869-1960

At the École des Beaux-Arts in the 1880s, Pillet was a student of Henri Chapu and Jules-Clément Chaplain, and continued an active medallist well into the Art-Deco period.



Bronze, uniface, 100 mm; normally struck (2-sided), very rare in this size, VF+, $450.


Ville de Paris, Concours de Faćade

Awarded 1926, silvered bronze, 70 mm, $199. SOLD


Nymph with laurel and oak

Round, Offered by P. Guillard, bronze, 50 mm, $65.


Nymph with laurel and oak

Rectangular, Offered by La Petite Gironde, gilt bronze, 39x51 mm, $65.


Été, Hiver

Bronze, 26 mm, $49.


Printemps, Automne

Bronze, 16 mm, $29.



Bronze uniface, 20 mm, $30; bronze uniface, 14 mm, $20.



Bronze uniface, 24 mm, $30.


J. Castaigne, 1930

Bronze, 59x68 mm, $75


A.-V. Cornil

Silver, 46x66 mm, $85.


O. Crouzon, 1935

Bronze, 68 mm, $185.


Louis Funck-Bretano, 1929

Bronze, 68 mm, $110.


Raymond Gregoire, Sculptor, 1937

Bronze, 76 mm, $175.


Louis Ombrédanne, 1938

Bronze, 68 mm, $85.


Abel Lafleur, 1875-1953

1908. Bathers, Maier 265

Bronze, 54 mm., light spots, $139


René Baudichon, 1878-1963

In addition to his work as a medallist, Baudichon was a talented caricaturist, who drew satirical illustrations for magazines and a French response to Goetz’s famous Lusitania medal.

Design, 1903, struck silver, 50 mm., about EF, $175.

Engagement, c. 1908, 74x 66 mm., silver.



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