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Coins and Medals

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Our future auctions:


We have conducted 40+ auctions, going back to the early 1980s. Some have been tiny sales of tokens, some have been official auctions at major conventions.

Some of our old catalogs bring $50-100-up -- on eBay, no less! No other company’s post-WW2 softbound catalogs bring near these prices. Without exception.

We frequently have auctions of US material at the July-August American Numismatic Association convention.

Below are some of the specialized auctions we have in preparation. Dates are not yet determined, and probably will not be for many months.


Auction of renaissance medals from the Max Falk Collection

Auction of important Judaica medals

Auction of medals related to Numismatics and Numismatists

Auction of exceptional medals by United States artists

Auction of exceptional medals by world artists

Auction of rare medals and plaques of Benjamin Franklin


To be put on a list for further information on these auctions: email me at pauljbosco@covad.net; put the name of the auction on the subject line.